Green Cows and Murdered Pigs

Are bureaucrats on psychotropic drugs? We knew that psychotropic drugs were becoming a big problem in the human race, but when bureaucrats get on them it means trouble for all of us.Now I don’t have any evidence that the bureaucrats I’m going to tell you about are drug-damaged, but they must be. What else could […]

Drug companies are getting depressed about their antidepressants

Acccording to Reuters UK… Data from Thomson Reuters Pharma shows returns for pharmaceutical companies in the antidepressant market are collapsing, even though there is still widespread use of pills like Prozac. Investors in TC-5214, an antidepressant from AstraZeneca and Targacept recently took a big bath—a cold one. Last October Novartis halted work on an antidepressant […]

The states of Arizona and Hawaii have a hidden health bonus that you likely have never heard about

Arizona and Hawaii are two states that refuse to “spring forward” and “fall back” during the annual practice of switching to Daylight Savings Time… and that has a hidden health bonus for the residents of those states. Though the switch to Daylight Savings Time is widely accepted today, according to a article about the myths […]