Is antibacterial soap doing more harm than good?

Cheap, perfume-smelling antibacterial soap is everywhere now. It is certainly one of the latest “health” crazes. But anyone who cares to dig a little deeper will quickly learn that is is more hype than health. Research has shown that simply washing your hands the old-fashioned way removes as much bacteria as “antibacterial” soap. In fact, […]

The Food and Farm Fight is Just Beginning

Well, lots of corporate cash and obliging media mouthpieces managed to once more show us what money can buy. No labeling genetically modified foods in California. Yet. But the handwriting is on the wall. California’s Proposition 37, a wildly popular voters initiative to label foods containing GMOs scooped up a million signatures, 10,000 volunteers and […]

The Superfruit Sassamanash AKA: Cranberry

A THM Feature Article Native Americans of the U.S. Northeast were the first people in this country to eat the fruit we know as cranberry. Wikipedia says they probably introduced them to the starving English settlers in Massachusetts, who then incorporated the berries into traditional Thanksgiving feasts. Sassamanash, or cranberries, were an important ingredient in […]

The Barbarians are Inside the Gate

The dreadful assassination of twenty little children and seven of their educators is just one more horrendous piece of evidence that the barbarians are indeed firmly established within our gates. And as usual, television commentators will ooh and ahh ceaselessly about the killer “monster,” who was “odd,” “mentally disturbed,”or had a “personality disorder.” They lament […]

GMO Giants Plan Takeover of Mexican Maize

GMO giants Monsanto, DuPont and Dow are plotting the most massive takeover of a global food crop in geoengineering history. If the conglomerates win approval from the Mexican Government, they will swoop into Mexico’s heartland like a flock of vultures,to the birthplace of hundreds of varieties of traditional corn and maize, and convert 6 million […]

Americans Eating Their Weight in GMOs

According to a comprehensive study by the Environmental Working Group, Americans are eating at least their mostly excessive body weight and then some in GMOs every year. The EWG analysis of government data calculates that people eat an average of 193 pounds of genetically modified food over a 12-month period. This was the first such […]