CDC admits 2012-2013 flu shot a dismal failure

The Associated Press is reporting that this year’s flu shot is doing a ‘startlingly dismal job’ of protecting older people, the most vulnerable age group. The vaccine is proving only 9 percent effective in those 65 and older against the harsh strain of the flu that is predominant this season. This information is from the […]

Italian research on ‘ancient wheat’ shows myriad of health benefits

Wheat has received a lot of bad publicity of late, with many nutritionists and health experts linking poor gut health with wheat consumption. A number of books have been written citing a plethora of research to support this contention. Still, other health experts, including advocates of the the government’s ‘food pyramid’ feel that higher grain […]

Arsenic, Anyone?

Well, it’s not quite in the doses we’ve read about in Agatha Christie murder mysteries, but if supermarket chicken is a major part of your dietary fare, you have undoubtedly been ingesting arsenic along with your chicken. The FDA, after denying it for years, finally admitted that an arsenic compound Roxarsone has been fed regularly […]

More evidence supporting Vitamin C for fighting the common cold

Most people need no convincing that Vitamin C is helpful in preventing, and shortening, bouts of the common cold. However, for those who are not convinced, the addition of six recent studies may provide enough evidence to bring them over to the “pro-Vitamin C” camp. In five randomized trials of participants with heavy short-term physical […]

Over-vaccinated into a life of poor health

A German study released in September 2011 shows that vaccinated children have twice the amount of disease and disorders than unvaccinated children. The study involved research on 8,000 children whose ages ranged from newborn to 19 years. Researchers compared the data they collected to the national German KIGGS health study of the children in the general […]

Hawaii Lawmakers Approve (Limited) GMO Labeling

Hawaii’s House Committee on Agriculture approved a bill on February 8 in support of labeling GMOs, becoming among the first state lawmakers to do so, according to However, the labeling requirement only applies to produce imported from outside the state. Committee Chair Jessica Wooley said the bill “benefits local farms and won’t cause food […]

Scientists Admit Acupuncture Helps Chronic Pain

Traditional Chinese medicine has used acupuncture for thousands of years to ease chronic pain. It’s one of those natural ‘alternatives’ long pooh-poohed by the modern medical establishment. But now the tune has changed. According to a report in The Week, the ancient Chinese healing technique–which involves sticking tiny needles into specific points in the body, […]

Epidemic of Modern Diseases Called a “Tsunami”

World health organizations say that for the first time ever, lifestyle, or non-communicable diseases (NCDs), have become the biggest killer of people worldwide, prompting InterPress Service journalist Isolda Agazzi to report on their warnings as an impending “tsunami of diseases” such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autism, obesity and respiratory diseases increasing in leaps […]

Big Ag Floods Food Animal Factory Farms With Antibiotics

A new study by Pew Charitable Trusts reports that yearly increases of antibiotics to make livestock and poultry grow faster and resist the dangerous bacteria generated in massive factory farms is drastically contributing to the emergence of drug-resistant superbugs. Pew found that 80 percent, or 29.9 million pounds, went into food animals in 2011, up […]

U.S. Farmers Battling Monsanto Superweeds

Monsanto superweeds resistant to the herbicide Roundup (glyphosate) are “stampeding” across the U.S. range, reports Tom Philpott in a February 6, 2013 Mother Jones article. The spread across U.S. farmland grew from 34 percent in 2011 to 49 percent in 2012, according to the agricultural research consultancy Stratus, which polled thousands of farmers battling the […]