Bees win in the European Union in 1st-of-Kind Ban

Bees and their supporters across the European Union won a huge victory in an April 29 landmark vote that for the first time banned widely used pesticides (neonicotinoids) proven to be substantially responsible for the global bee die-offs over the last seven years. Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer for, reported that the neonicotinoid pesticides,  clothianidin, imidacloprid and […]

Copper Surfaces Reduce Deadly Hospital Infections

Ayurvedic practitioners knew it  5,000 years ago, but now modern medicine has confirmed that copper surfaces and devices in hospitals greatly reduce the rate of deadly hospital-acquired infections. About 100,000 people a year die in U.S. hospitals from infections. Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina,  funded  by the U.S. Dept. of Defense, studied 650 […]

Do You Have a Healthy Gut?

Everyone wants to have a strong immune system, but few people realize that 70 to 80 percent of an efficiently functioning immune system is dependent upon a healthy digestive tract. Yep, the gut, whether it be large or small, is a prime key to good health. Down there in the gut is where millions of live […]

‘Waterloo’ Ahead for Global, Toxic, Industrial Farming

It may not be around the corner. In fact, it may take several corners yet. But as Napoleon met his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, so may the toxic, monopolistic  industrial model of our day soon suffer its own version of agricultural Waterloo. As superweeds on farms, superbugs in hospitals, deaths and deadly side […]

Field Test Reveals Dramatic Nutritional Deficiency in GMO Corn

We’ve all heard the claims that that genetically modified crops are the only way to feed the world, and that there is no nutritional difference between GMO (genetically modified organisms) and non-GMO food. But if you value your health and your childrens’ future, you’d better grab a shovel and start digging behind those lies. An extensive […]

Small Reasons to Leave Cities–if Possible

Unfortunately, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for many families to leave cities where their jobs and roots are. But the findings of a study conducted on nearly 4,000 children by the American Association for Cancer Research between 1998 and 2007 may provide the nudge that convinces some families to make a few sacrifices […]

Pondering pineapple

For many years nutritionists have advocated consuming raw fruits and vegetables for the anti-inflammatory benefits. Some fruits, particularly, are “off the charts” in their ability to help fight inflammation in the body. One such fruit is pineapple. In addition to the well-established vitamin, mineral and fiber content, pineapple contains a powerful enzyme called “bromelain.” Nutritionists […]

Many Chemicals Banned in Other Countries Permeate U.S. Food

Americans appear to be the guinea pigs of the world. Many of us are willing test subjects for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies’ flooding of the market with dangerous or untested food additives nixed in other countries with more responsible health agencies. First is a chemical banned from food in 100 countries: Brominated vegetable oil is found in popular U.S. sports drinks and […]

Locavore Index Ranks Best, Worst States for Eating Locally

The Vermont-based Locavore Index is a two-year-old non-profit that gathers data, and ranks all fifty states and Washington DC by the availability of fresh, local food. The rankings are derived from the per capita number of farmers markets, local fresh food hubs, and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs. As it happens, Vermont is ranked number one in the 2013 Index, […]

Warnings go Ignored About Link Between Pesticides and Childhood Diseases

In the early 1990s, scientists at the National Research Council made the urgent case that small, growing bodies need special protection against exposure to pesticide toxins. Children interact with the environment differently than adults, they said. Growing bodies have faster metabolic rates. They take in more water, food and air and their bodies are less able […]