Sweeter Veggies, Less Nutrition

A THM Feature Article Most humans crave sweet food… sweet onions, sweet apples, sweet corn… and government agriculture departments, chemical companies and farmers do their best to oblige that appetite. We feel good about ourselves because we’re eating ‘healthy’ fruits and vegetables while satisfying our craving for sweets at the same time. And for sure […]

Banned in Europe, Hunky-Dory in U.S.

The publication Mother Jones featured an article by Tom Philpott listing a number of substances banned in the European Union, but allowed and even encouraged in the U.S. Most recently, the EU banned a number of popular neonicotinoid pesticides that are known to be extremely destructive to bees. The U.S. declined to follow suit, despite the […]

U.S. Senate Won’t ‘Permit’ States to Choose GMO Label?

The U.S. Senate voted 73 to 26 NOT to permit states to choose for themselves whether to require labeling for foods containing genetically engineered ingredients. The vote was over a seemingly rather harmless amendment (2310) to S. 3240 in the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act, of the Farm Bill. The wording of the humble amendment read: […]

Former GMO Scientist Does an About Face

Dr. Terry Vrain, a retired research scientist with Agriculture Canada who was once an enthusiastic supporter of the potential in genetically engineered food, has done a complete about face and is now telling the story of why the ‘potential’ that he once thought was so good is instead an inevitable potential for great harm. Dr. Vrain explains in […]

Official: One-Third U.S. Commercial Bee Colonies Lost This Winter

A consortium of academic researchers, beekeeepers and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture scientists announced in early May 2013 that one-third of the country’s commercial bee colonies disappeared over the winter of 2012-13. That number is more than double what’s acceptable for natural causes, the announcement said. “We’re getting closer and closer to the point where we don’t […]

Ayurvedic Medicine Oldest, Most Holistic System on Planet Today

India’s traditional, Ayurvedic Medicine focuses on life,  prevention and longevity, and has been practiced for many thousands of years. It was first put into complete written form over 5,000 years ago, and its holistic approach continues to guide millions of people around the world to better health today. According to an article by P.F. Lewis in Natural News.com, […]