Your medical records are being sold to drug companies

Think your medical records are private, and protected by federal law? Think again. Especially if you live in the states of Arizona, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee and Washington. Here’s why, in a nutshell: Hospitals and doctor’s offices are supposed to be bound by HIPAA guidelines mandating that your medical records are kept private. But […]

High sugar consumption directly linked to heart failure in new U.S. study

For decades, the government and its plethora of “health agencies” have warned us that consuming meat—with its accompanying saturated fat—is the primary cause of heart disease.  In the jumble of propaganda, the dangers of refined carbs, most notably white sugar, was somehow ignored in the teachings. So what has decades of this “education” wrought? According […]

Get ready for six months of big-time GMO lobbying

A federal judge handling a California lawsuit over the ‘all-natural’ claims made by Mission brand tortilla chips has recommended that the case be put on hold for six months to give the FDA time to determine whether products containing GMOs  can be labeled as ‘natural’. What the FDA decides is crucial to the economic interests […]

Supplement safety as shown by AER’s

AER is the acronym for “Adverse Event Reporting.” Starting in 2008 supplement manufacturers have been required to report adverse reactions to supplements, just as pharmaceutical manufacturers do with regards to drug prescriptions. This “safety requirement” is part of the 2006 congressional legislation that was pushed vociferously by pharmaceutical companies. Prior to this legislative action supplements […]

THM blogger visits China to experience Chinese Medicine first-hand

Chinese Medicine—or more accurately Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)—goes way beyone the “mixing of a few herbs” as most Americans think. TCM has a rich 5,000-year history in China, and is deeply rooted in the Chinese culture. When I traveled throughout China I observed that many of the large modern hospitals were entirely TCM. Much of […]

Turmeric helps with Alzheimer’s symptoms

In our June 8 post we reported ont the escalation of mind-alterating diseases in America, and provided some dramatic stats on the surging rates of autism. Fortunately not all of the news is negative. Recent research has proven once again that the remarkable herb turmeric can help offset the affects of our chemically-laden modern society. In […]

Proven bias in medical journals

Wondering why “esteemed” medical journals keep publishing negative articles about herbs and supplements when thousands of years of Chinese, Indian, Greek and South American history say otherwise? The answer may be related to a study published in 2008, which evaluated the content of eleven major medical journals, including some well-known to laymen such as the […]

Autism epidemic linked to GMOs

If you happen to be one of the many complacent people unaware or uncaring (or not the parent of an autistic child) that autism rates have reached epidemic proportions, take a look at these figures: In 1985, one in 2500 U.S.  children was autistic. In 1995, one in 500 U.S. children was autistic. In 2004, one in […]

Ginkgo biloba, the fascinating ancient

A THM Feature Article Nearly everyone has heard of Ginkgo biloba. It is a wondrous plant/tree with medicinal leaves long obtained through natural health food stores and supplement providers in the form of capsules, tablets, liquid extracts and teas made from the dried leaves. And today it is also one of the most intensely studied […]

Latest National Institutes of Health propoganda: Ginkgo biloba causes cancer

The ancient herb Ginkgo biloba has been used to cure ills for thousands of years, but now a new study by the National Institutes of Health has proclaimed that Ginkgo causes cancer. This proclamation is in such opposition from the dozens of previous studies confirming Ginkgo’s positive attributes that it cased the natural health advocates […]