Imagine a world without hummingbirds

It’s hard to imagine a world without hummingbirds, but according to Ruth Padel of the zoological Society of London, a few of the more than 300 species of the world’s tough but fragile little wonder birds are already extinct and many are endangered. The usual culprits are to blame–encroachment on and destruction of habitats, along with […]

Microwave mayhem

Every so often I feel compelled to write about microwave ovens and the great or small mayhem they can inflict on your body, depending on how much they are used. I first became alerted to the dangers of this ubiquitous kitchen appliance many years ago by the late Charles Walters, founder of the venerable publication AcresUSA, […]

Inferior quality food can come from any country

“Don’t buy Chinese made” seems to be the mantra on almost all goods these days, but especially so when it comes to food. Recent episodes of inferior quality have made news headlines, with contaminated dog food—which ostensibly caused the death of dozens of pets—topping the list. It appears being wary of Chinese food imports is […]

Dutch citizens’ initiative ousts Monsanto’s Roundup from city

In case you think mere citizens lack the power to influence government, consider the case of the green initiative in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, the country’s second largest city, where its 600,000 citizens demanded the removal of Monsanto’s Roundup from their community. And local officials acceded to their wishes. The movement to eliminate the poisonous, […]

Pitiful symptoms in pigs fed GMO corn and soy

A new study published in the Journal of Organic Systems, and reported by Leslie Hatfield in the August 2013 Acresusa, found that pigs raised on a mixed diet of GM corn and GM soy had as much as four times higher rates of intestinal problems (including inflammation of the stomach and small intestine), stomach ulcers and thinning of intestinal […]

TCM doctors in China cash in on Westerners seeking alternatives

In China, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is often offered alongside Western medicine in major hospitals; likewise, resources from the two practices are are offered side-by-side at pharmacies and doctors’ offices. And, today, it is becoming more commonplace for foreigners to take advantage of these offerings. These “Westerners” are learning that TCM presents a resource that […]

Garlic the winner in detoxifying lead from body

Garlic, the miracle medicine of old has now been found to beat  the favored drug d-penicillimine in detoxifying lead from the body–with no side effects! Last year the journal Basic  Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology published the findings of comparative studies between garlic therapy and the chelation drug d-penicillamine, that  had been conducted on patients with chronic occupational lead […]

Vitamins and minerals can enhance mood, energy

Healthy intake of vitamins and minerals can lower dependence on psychiatric drugs Nutritional supplements can enhance mental energy and well-being not only for healthy adults but for those prone to anxiety and depression, according to a July 15 panel discussion at the 2013 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo. According to […]

Sweat for your health!

Did you ever consider that if you never do anything strenuous enough to work up a good old-fashioned sweat, you are damaging your body and your health? In a article by founder Sayer Ji, we learn that modern science has once again caught up and confirmed what Indians with their sweat lodges knew long ago–that […]

New childhood ‘diseases’ create Pharma bonanza

“We are turning childhood into a disease,” concluded world famous psychiatrist Dr. Allen Frances, in a public statement that must have astounded his peers. Dr. Frances was quoted in an article by John Naish at Dr. Frances explained that his profession’s ‘bible’,  the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is the creation of a committee of U.S. psychiatrists and […]