EWG releases list of worst hormone disruptors

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has published a list of what it has found to be among the worst  hormone-disrupting chemicals, known scientifically as endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors are known or suspected to interfere with  hormones by affecting sperm count, reproduction and fetal development. They may cause abnormal genitals, kidney disease, thyroid disease and premature development […]

Grassmilk goes national

Organic Valley’s Grassmilk, an organic milk produced from cows that are 100 percent grass-fed is the first of its kind from a national brand, and is now available nationwide for about $5.50 per half gallon. As most cattle raisers know, a cow’s stomach cannot properly process and digest grains. No corn, soy or other grains […]

BPA health warnings hit mainstream news

Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that is ubiquitous in our society, is commonly found in plastic containers, food can linings–and even cash register receipts. Scientists and natural health advocates have long known that the chemical has been linked to disruption of hormones and other bodily functions, but now that knowledge has gone mainstream in the aftermath of […]

Honey plus coffee beats systemic steroid for treating a cough

An interesting study from Iran has shown an incredible benefit of coffee and honey: relief for a persistent cough. The researchers were looking at natural alternatives to medications, so performed a randomized controlled study comparing a systemic steroid to a natural treatment of coffee and honey. They found the latter was superior in reducing symptoms […]

Hippocrates said…evacuate, evacuate

When Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine  taught the importance of evacuation, he was not referring to leaving your home  in flight from hurricanes or wildfires. He was talking about the relationship between good health and your ‘pooping’ regularity. Yes, pooping. Defecation. Excretion. Evacuation. Elimination. Call it what you will, it’s an essential bodily function given insufficient attention […]

Chicken nuggets under microscope astound doctors

Not happy that their state boasts the highest rate of obesity in the nation among both children and adults, doctors from the University of Mississippi Medical Center decided to put chicken nuggets (a favorite of children everywhere)  from two (unnamed) nearby fast food establishments under a microscope and dissect them. Dr. Richard D. deShazo, professor of medicine […]

Banish mouth and body toxins with oil pulling

Oil pulling is a fundamental part of ancient Ayurvedic medicine that is being increasingly recognized today as a simple and natural practice for maintaining and improving oral health, particularly those who have had problems with gingivitis and bleeding gums. It works like this:  Put  a tablespoon of oil in your mouth. The many modern pratitioners of […]

Vitamin C, zinc and pine bark prove to be a powerful combination for fighting colds

A combination supplement containing vitamin C, zinc and an extract from French Maritime Pine bark is effective in shortening the duration of the common cold. So says a small study of  269 patients carried out by Italian researchers and reported in the journal Otorinolaringologia. In addition, it appears this combination of nutrients also lessens the […]

Healthful sleep may help prevent Alzheimer’s

According to a National Public Radio article (npr.org), adequate sleep may be even more important than previously thought. It seems that while you sleep the brain is hard at work! A team of scientists led by Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, professor of neurosurgery at the University of Rochester, found that while mice were sleeping the flow […]

GMO Mafia slugged by Washington State Attorney General

It started out as a good scheme, guaranteed to kill I-522, the upcoming Washington State bill to require labeling for products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). After all, lots of money defeated last year’s similar bill in California. Why not in Washington? The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) CEO Pamela Bailey reportedly assured members their identities and donations would […]