Balance your body’s pH for better health

Is your body pH acidic, alkaline or balanced?  Is it important? The answer is, alkaline/acid content of your body is determined by what you ingest, and balance is vital for good health.. and even survival. Scientists use a scale of 0- 14 to determine Potential of Hydrogen (pH) and the closer to zero, the more acidic your body is. A […]

Healthy salad dressing will maximize nutrient absorption in salad

We can make a wonderful salad and feel justly proud of the important vitamins and nutrients contained within. But, unfortunately, our bodies won’t get much benefit from those nutrients without the right type and amount of salad dressing containing the right type of good fat essential for optimal health. First, keep in mind that there are […]

Quick Tip: Take magnesium with your calcium

Are you taking a calcium supplement? Make sure it includes high quality magnesium in the blend—to help the calcium work optimally. Think of the magnesium as a train station engineer: It ensures the calcium goes down the right tracks and is absorbed in the right places… rather than being “diverted down the wrong track” and […]

Burn calories and lose weight naturally

Overweight and loss of muscle tone is rampant in the U.S. But you don’t have to starve, torture yourself and pay big money for one of the weight loss programs to start burning more calories and losing weight. What you do need is patience. These tips are not an instant miracle, but a gradual lifestyle change […]

Food additives to avoid

We live in an era of phony food which appears to be steadily taking its toll on the overall  health, weight and vitality of Americans, as shown in the previous blog on world health comparisons. Powerful U.S. corporations and their sidekicks in government seem determined to use us all as guinea pigs in a never-ending flood of chemical concoctions […]

World health rankings

This information will be an (almost) no comment list,  just a challenge to think about why year after year, the health of U.S. citizens continues to worsen compared to the rest of the world, though our per capita healthcare costs are highest. Here are the shameful rankings, country by country from first in overall health on down. This particular […]

Nutty health benefits

Three recent studies, including the biggest study ever, concluded that people who eat tree nuts a few times a week or every day are up to 30 percent  less likely to die of heart disease, cancer, or any other prevalent disease of today. The studies, undertaken by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the […]

Fight winter colds and flu naturally

Winter is on its way again and many people will be facing the unwelcome visits of colds and flu. Just remember that normal colds and flu are caused by a virus and rushing off to the doctor for antibiotics WILL NOT do you a bit of good. Viruses are passed from one person to another […]

Superbugs overwhelming antibiotics

Antibiotics have been so overused and misused that undefeatable  superbugs have emerged to overwhelm them. Thousands of Americans are now dying every year from infections that were once curable, according to The Week. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said drug-resistant bacteria kill at least 23,000 people annually in the U.S, […]

Tip for eating less calories at a meal: Eat fruit first

A small research project by two doctors at Cornell University offers a helpful insight to eating less calories at a meal: Eat fruit first. The researchers, Dr Brian Wansink and Dr Andrew Hanks, conducted their research by offering participants different options at a seven-item buffet table. One group of participants started with junk food, while […]