Tasteless tomatoes and stressed steak

Surprising facts about a number of common supermarket foods made some interesting reading in a recent article in businessinsider.com. Here are just a couple of tidbits: If you’ve ever wondered why most supermarket tomatoes taste like cardboard, while homegrown or local tomatoes are sweet and luscious, there’s a simple, yet mostly unknown explanation. Since the advent of […]

FDA takes baby step to phase out animal antibiotics

Antibiotics are routinely dumped in the food and water of U.S. food animals, not to treat ailing livestock, but for them to gain weight more rapidly and/or to put on pounds with less feeding. In fact, 80 percent of all antibiotics used in the U.S. are given to food animals. The World Health Organization, the United […]

Alphabet of natural detoxifiers

Modern human bodies in much of the world are notoriously overloaded with acidic food, and under nourished with alkaline food. The acidic load is too much for the digestive system and the liver to  process adequately and rid the body of poisonous toxins. This can and eventually does lead to an alphabet soup of discomforts, […]

Fitness of modern kids worldwide declining

First, do no harm, was the 2,000-plus years ago admonition by Hippocrates to doctors and anyone else responsible for the health and well-being of others. Apparently we haven’t been doing a very good job with the youngsters, according to details divulged at the American Heart Association conference and reported by NPR.org. Researchers working on the comprehensive investigation  drew […]

Acid-blocking medications cause Vitamin B12 deficiency

If you’re taking a medication to treat acid indigestion, you may want to beef up your intake of Vitamin B12. A new study shows that people who use acid blockers for an extended period are more likely to be deficient in vitamin B12. In the study, people who took proton pump inhibitors—medications used to treat […]

Quick Tip: Oil use made easy

Avoid soybean, canola, corn, sunflower, and cottonseed oils like the plague that they are. They are processed with hexane, which is toxic—especially to the brain. Think “neurotoxin”. This is the same substance that’s used to make gasoline and other industrial chemicals. Soybean oil is probably the worst. It is also treated with sodium hydroxide and […]

Vitamin D benefits are continuing to be ‘discovered’

A reasonable person wouldn’t have to review research from the past 20 years to conclude that vitamin D is one of the most critical nutrients for human health. Vitamin D benefits are continuing to be ‘discovered’ virtually every month! Consider research published in just the past few months: A recent study at Johns Hopkins University […]

First big study on cost of healthy diet

New research from the Harvard School of Public Health found that the average person can eat a far healthier diet than the ‘Standard American Diet’ for an extra $1.50 per day. HSPH undertook the study in the midst of a time when chronic diseases have become rampant, and millions of people have lost faith in a factory farm and […]

Leading activist against Monsanto threatened, then beaten

Sofia Gatica, a leader in the ongoing protest against construction of Latin America’s largest Monsanto plant near Malvinas, Argentina, was recently threatened by a gunman, then attacked and battered three days later by two men after failing to heed the gunman’s warning to call off the occupying protesters at the Monsanto construction site. Gatica is […]

Chinese KFC antibiotic-dumping scandal demonstrates consumer power

If a news report in America disclosed the fact that the factory-farmed meat in our country’s fast-food restaurants were loaded with antibiotics, would it cause an outrage? If past history is any indication, probably not. Alternative news sites have been trumpeting this fact for years, but it appears that most of the people who care […]