Boston setting the pace for U.S. urban gardens

Boston is  home to ten urban gardening organizations, with mini-farms and gardens scattered all over the city in yards, vacant lots and rooftops. The city’s aim is to promote healthy local food production in metro areas throughout the nation, reports Each organization has its own mission and focus. BERKELEY COMMUNITY GARDEN consists of 140 farmers on a […]

Increasing doubts about benefits of mammograms

One of the largest and longest-running studies of mammograms ever conducted has determined that the screening tests do not improve a woman’s chances for surviving breast cancer, reports The Week, in its health and science section. The findings, which run counter to widespread medical advice that women over 40 should undergo annual mammograms, also found […]

Reduce breast cancer risk with a tomato-rich diet

According to research published in The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology &  Metabolism, a tomato-rich diet may help protect at-risk postmenopausal women from breast cancer. Breast cancer risk rises in postmenopausal women as their body mass index climbs. The study found eating a diet high in tomatoes had a positive effect on the level […]

A short walk after a meal aids digestion

You may have heard various claims over the years about the benefits of walking after a meal. Well, it turns out the stories are true… so you may want to consider choosing a 15-minute walk after eating as opposed to a siesta. The benefit comes in the way of helping balance blood sugar. Many studies […]

Poop to the rescue

Researchers are in the process of developing new medications based on human feces. But not just any old feces will do; it must be a particular type of poop. It’s like this: According to a Time report on new health discoveries, Clostridium difficile infections are among the most difficult and frequent bacterial bugs to treat in hospitals, affecting about half a […]

Soaring child allergies cost U.S. $25 bil. annually

About six to ten percent of American young people under age 18 suffer from allergies, and the latest statistics indicate that this number is steadily rising. The economic cost to families is an estimated $25 billion a year, or $4, 184 per child. Nearly $5 billion of those costs involves direct medical fees such as medications and […]

Garlic: Natural antibiotic and fat-sugar buster

Garlic has been called a lot of names, depending on whether you love or hate it. But the most enduring is ‘stinking rose.’ No one knows why, as the garlic plant, which belongs to the genus Allium, along with leeks, onions, shallots and chives, is more closely related to a lily than a rose. Perhaps […]

Vitamin E supplementing slows dementia advancement

Vitamin E has repeatedly been linked with better brain function. Now a new study shows that a daily dose of vitamin E can specifically help with dementia. A study in the journal JAMA found people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease on high doses of vitamin E had a slower rate of decline than those given a […]

Use-by dates resulting in tremendous food waste

Use-by dates are contributing to millions of pounds of wasted food every year, according to a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council and Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic. The researchers found that Americans are prematurely throwing out food, largely because of confusion over what expiration dates actually mean. Most consumers […]

Behavioral problems in children linked to soda drinking

Sugar-sweetened beverages have been connected to behavioral problems among teens and that link appears to be equally applicable to younger children. Among children 5 years old, according to the latest research, those drinking more sugar-sweetened sodas showed increased aggression, withdrawal and difficulty paying attention than those drinking fewer or none of those beverages. In a […]