Cosmetic companies try to dodge disclosure

Twenty-two companies have requested trade secret status to avoid telling the public about toxic chemicals found in nearly 1,500 cosmetic products included in the California Safe Cosmetics Program Database, reports Acres USA. The database was released as part of the state’s Safe Cosmetics Act, which requires companies to report ingredients in their cosmetic products that […]

Fats and heart disease

For half a century or more, Americans have been led to believe that for the sake of their hearts, saturated fats should be avoided at all costs. Exit real butter, enter margarine. Away with eggs. If you must have your hen fruit, stick to the whites. But now, according to The Week, an extensive new analysis of nearly […]

Chemical stew in modern world replaces lifegiving minerals

When vital minerals are deficient in the diet, the body is far more vulnerable to picking  up toxic  metals from the environment, says Dr. Lawrence Wilson. Stress also causes our body to use more minerals. ( We need to pay more attention to what minerals and vitamins we are ingesting or lacking, as they work together and are […]

Adequate minerals can save your health or even your life

Dr. Lawrence Wilson, a physician who these days focuses exclusively on nutritional consulting, states that “almost everyone alive today was born deficient in vital minerals…because mothers are deficient!” He advises any woman pregnant or contemplating having a baby to do the research and learn why the mineral content of modern food is declining or nonexistent, what essential minerals are […]

Even a ‘healthy’ diet will not provide all our nutrients

Unfortunately, we have often been told by both government and medical sources that if we are careful to eat a nutritious, balanced diet from the four food groups and don’t suffer from a particular health problem, we don’t need supplementary vitamins, minerals or trace elements. Maybe they haven’t learned  what is now widely recognized in nutritional […]

Why supplementary vitamins and minerals are necessary for health and vitality

Americans are overweight and suffering from a multitude of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and on and on…because of mineral deficiencies!  That is the conclusion of Dr. Joel Wallach, who first started thinking about it more than half a century ago and has amply confirmed his conclusion with intensive research, articles and decades […]

Vitamin A may help boost immune system to fight tuberculosis

Research has shown that vitamin A plays an important part in the body’s defense system in a number of ways. Now you can add one more potential benefit: according to researchers at University of California, Los Angeles vitamin A may play an important role in combating tuberculosis. According to findings published in the March 1 issue […]

Public has the right to know what’s in their food

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) lambasted the Grocery Manufacturing Association (GMA), after Politico revealed the lobbying group intends to carry through with legislation aimed at blocking states from mandating labeling of genetically engineered foods. Connecticut and Maine have already passed labeling legislation, and Alaska has passed a bill requiring the labeling of genetically engineered […]

GMOs encountering resistance around the world

The March Against Monsanto is taking place again this year around the world. The date is May 24 and already global sponsors are organizing in 400 cities in  52 countries on 6 continents. The events are expected to have even more participants than last year’s march, which attracted millions of people. So far 47 U.S. states […]

Flu risk cut by ‘vigorous exercise’ according to UK study

With all the research proving a long list of side effects associated with flu shots, perhaps you’d like to do something to provide flu protection without sacrificing your body’s health in other areas. Consider vigorous exercise. A new survey from the United Kingdom documents the fact that doing at least two and a half hours […]