Autism rates jump 30 percent in 2 years

According to figures recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and widely reported, autism continues to afflict a frighteningly increased number of children every year. The number is now one in 68, up from one in 88 two years previously. The CDC survey was conducted on 5,300 children in eleven states–Alabama, Wisconsin, Colorado, Missouri, Georgia, Arkansas, Arizona, […]

That miraculous sun!

Until the last few years we didn’t know how much vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, does for us. And during that same time, as TV, phone and computer screens took over our lives, the rate of vitamin D deficiency in modern humans has spiraled. In fact, deficiency rates have tripled since the 1980s! Another modern culprit is […]

Drugging us to death–legally

According to a survey by the Substance and Mental Health Services, prescription medicines are the most abused of all drugs, second only to marijuana. But there’s a big difference. Many prescription drugs can and are killers. Marijuana does not kill. The ‘official’ survey was reported in Business Insider, but only confirmed what has been suspected since it […]

Oh no! Huanglongbing is after our oranges

First the TR4  plague hit America’s favorite banana, the Cavendish, which we wrote about earlier on this blog and which accounts for 45 percent of that fruit’s global crop production. Randy Ploetz, a professor of plant pathology at the University of Florida originally identified TR4, a strain of Panama disease in 1989. Forward to 2014 when the same professor […]

Methods used by Big Pharma and the media to sell junk science

Following are some of the methods used by Big Pharma to sell junk science, as itemized by the non-profit natural health watchdog, Alliance for Natural Health: * Reliance on Big Pharma’s advertising dollars–As newspapers and television lose advertising to the Internet and other places, they depend heavily on drug company advertising, which is increasingly dominating […]

Antibiotics may harm pregnant woman’s baby

A report in the UK’s Daily Mail warned that studies have confirmed that pregnant women who take antibiotics could be tampering with their babies’ immune systems. As most of us know by now, antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria, thus warding off an immediate health threat, but leaving the body’s immune system […]

Excessive bra wearing may contribute to breast cancer

Have ‘experts’ confirmed a definite link between bras and breast cancer? No. Women don’t need to burn their bras just yet. But it might be wise to do some research on the many studies that have been done in several countries which indicate possible links to the dread disease afflicting so many women today. Also, a smart […]

Cognitive decline in older people–is it real?

The phrase ” age-related cognitive decline,” is one we all take for granted. But is ‘decline’ the right word? Maybe not. Perhaps the slow recovery of a word or fact is because the larger the library of accumulated knowledge you have in your head, the longer it usually takes to find that particular word or […]

French Government passes bill banning GMOs

The French have always been acknowledged as a people who appreciate excellent cuisine–real food, grown and prepared lovingly. Not that Monsanto and the fast food Standard American Diet haven’t penetrated that country famous for fine food. They have, somewhat. But apparently they don’t want the penetration to go any further. On Tuesday, April 15 the French […]

Agriculture a new trend in the suburbs

Real estate and new developments are just barely stumbling along in today’s  troubled economy. And not only that, people are tired of side-by-side cookie-cutter housing developments, whether the dwellings are modest or grand. Couple all that with a corporate ‘Standard American Diet’ food system that ever more people are losing faith in as they learn more about nutrition, and […]