Tea has so many health benefits it could be considered a nutritional supplement

If you’re a soda-pop drinker, switching to tea could likely be the most beneficial health step you could ever take. On the flip side, if you already have a fairly healthy diet and take dietary supplements regularly, you may want to consider adding tea to your regimen. So says 5,000 years of history—now backed by […]

Vitamin D levels improve cancer survival rates, according to new research

According to a new study reported in Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, cancer patients who have higher levels of vitamin D at the time they are first diagnosed tend to have better survival rates than patients who are vitamin D-deficient. The patients with higher vitamin D levels also remain in remission longer, according to the […]

Cleveland Clinic among first in U.S. to open hospital-based Chinese herbal therapy clinic

Our Memorial Day post on health freedom promised some good news on the herbal medicine front, so here it is: The prestigious Cleveland Clinic has opened its own Chinese herbal therapy center. It is encouraging to see that at least one so-called “mainstream institution” recognizes that many in America can benefit from the long and proven history […]

Purposeful people have longer and more satisfying lives

Having a sense of purpose may add years to your life–and that benefit can be realized throughout old age. That’s the conclusion of a comprehensive, long-term study that tracked the physical and mental health of more than 6,100 Americans aged 20 to 75 for 14 years. The result of the long study was published in the journal […]

Glyphosate found in blood, urine and breast milk

Several studies have found high levels of glyphosate in the  blood and urine of Americans. In fact comparative tests on U.S. drinking water and urine, and those of Europeans found levels of glyphosate ten times higher in the U.S. than in the EU (which has much stricter regulatory standards for pesticides and GMO food). And studies in […]

Remembering health freedom this Memorial Day

As we celebrate Memorial Day today it is worth taking note that one of the most basic freedoms that our war dead fought and died for has been under attack for the past 120 years, and still remains so. And that freedom is the right to practice “health” in the way we see fit. Swiss […]

Reagan era Treasury official discusses social costs of GMO world

Paul Craig Roberts is a former assistant secretary in the U.S. Treasury, a former editor of  the Wall Street Journal  and is the author of several books and numerous columns on economics, justice and foreign policy. Now he addresses the common (and faulty) economic presumption that low-cost production, based on a genetically modified, chemical foundation, is good for all […]

You CAN eat healthy on a small food budget

We’ve all heard many stories about how the lowest income groups cannot afford healthy food because it’s too expensive. While it is true that  often the best (organic) food is more expensive than conventional food, it is also  true that just as often that the processed/fast food Standard American Diet consumed by so many people […]

The heart magic of olive oil and salad

We  have all heard of the health supports of the Mediterranean diet, but now scientists believe that they have found WHY and HOW that particular diet is so beneficial. A study from Kings College London and reported to the UK Independent, has found that a combination of olive oil and salad is key to keeping high blood pressure risk […]

How the “Substantial Equivalence” concept paved the way for unproven GMOs

The dominance of genetically modified foods, particularly major human and animal trade crops such as corn and soy,was launched in a big way in 1993, according to Ecowatch. The concept of “Substantial Equivalence,” introduced by the Organisation for Economic Development (an international economic and trade organization, NOT a health body),  stated that if a new food […]