Those pesky pesticides in your bread

As if modern bread isn’t problematic enough, with its GMO chemical additives and unhealthy levels of gluten (glue) causing  gluten-intolerance ailments, now we know most breads are also troubling our health with pesticide residues! A report released by Pesticide Action Network (PAN) UK, in conjunction with the Organic Naturally Different campaign, reveals that nearly two-thirds (61.5 […]

Health and healthcare in U.S. no longer ‘exceptional’

The U.S. has long considered itself the ‘exceptional’ country in every way, including its advanced healthcare. But changes crept in along the ‘progressive’ road. Something is wrong with U.S. healthcare, lamented Erin Brodwin, writing in Business Insider. We spend more than any developed nation, yet a smaller percentage of our citizens is covered. One-fifth of our Gross Domestic […]

Attack diabetes with rosemary and oregano

Well, maybe those two historic and popular herbs, rosemary and oregano,  are not the ‘instant cure’ so many people seek  today, but maybe they are more of a magic health bullet than we think! Modern science has just ‘discovered’ that those two ancient herbs are packed with healthful compounds, and now lab tests show they could work […]

Zinc, a cold-fighting, underappreciated micronutrient

Zinc is just one of many microminerals often missing or inadequate in modern diets. Researchers in 2012 identified for the first time a mechanism by which zinc deficiency can develop with age, leading to a decline of the immune system and increased inflammation associated with many health problems, including cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease and diabetes. […]

Men, want to reduce heart attack risk 86 percent?

Swedish researchers recently completed an 11-year- long study of 20,721 healthy Swedish men between the ages of 45 and 79 and released a 5-step plan found to reduce the risk of heart attacks in men by as much as 86 percent. The risk reduction, not surprisingly, involves common sense lifestyle changes and/or practices. The study findings were […]

Vegetable colors and their health benefits

The USDA recommends that half our dinner plate should consist of fruits and vegetables. Harvard Medical School emphasizes more vegetables—and fruit in moderation. Natural nutritional experts advocate 2/3 vegetables on the dinner plate. Whichever position you favor, it is clear from the rise of cancers, strokes, diabetes, digestion and mental ailments that the Western diet […]

Health ‘news’ from the mainstream

* Painkiller deaths have soared 400 percent in the last decade. Data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that poisoning deaths attributed to opioid painkillers such as hydrocodone, oxycodone and morphine have increased from 2,749 deaths in 1999 to 11,693 deaths in 2011.  (Thanks, Big Pharma) * Acetaminophen, found in […]

New studies reveal importance of cell function and health

Living cells in human (and animal) bodies are like miniature factories, responsible for the manufacture of more than 25,000 different proteins with very specific 3-D shapes. Like an overwhelmed manufacturing assembly line,  stressed cells can end up producing mishapen proteins that are unfolded or misfolded. Then the whole process can get messed up. Duke University researchers […]

Surprise! Hispanics outlive whites

According to (surprising for most of us) CDC data, Hispanics, whether they are immigrants or born in the U.S., have an average life expectancy two years longer (79 vs 81.4) than we paleskins, and seven years longer than U.S. Blacks (75.3 vs 81.4). Well, what’s a few years when you’re old!? Still, it’s interesting. George Washington University told CNN […]

Biblical beans–superfood then and now

Many of us are familiar with the old ditty— Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot. But humor aside, beans are excellent for digestion, releasing natural chemicals that aid the digestive process. Beans help prevent and cure constipation and can stop hemorrhoids and other bowel-related problems from developing by keeping wastes […]