Monsanto/Cohorts spend record millions to defeat GMO labeling initiatives in 2014

Advertising pays. And Monsanto and fellow travelers have rolled out the dough to defeat 2014 voters initiatives to regulate GMOs in Hawaii, Oregon and Colorado. Monsanto alone has put $5 million into the campaign against the citizen-led Maui County ballot initiative to ban GMOs on the island until a comprehensive environmental and public health survey concludes that […]

Research once again shows milk does not build strong bones

New research on milk conducted in Sweden is sure to make the dairy industry angry, but only solidifies earlier research on the subject. It also backs up claims made by many nutritionists for the past 50 years. Dare we say it? Milk—or we should say modern milk—does not provide a net gain of calcium in […]

Diabetes is a BIG, big moneymaker

Diabetes is a foundation of the enormous U.S. healthcare industry, the country’s largest industry. Since 2008 when sales of diabetes drugs totaled $27 billion (worldwide), sales have increased to $41 billion in 2013, and are expected to hit $55 billion by 2016. The U.S. is the top buyer of diabetes drugs, accounting for $21 billion, with […]

Metabolism and your weight and health

The fact is,  the overweight population keeps growing. In number and weight. Yes, despite the countless prescriptions and weight loss programs we are beseiged with, the pounds keep accumulating on populations that are hooked on the Standard American Diet. Have you ever wondered why the bellies, hips and waistlines continue to spread and the flesh […]

Immunity boosters for flu season

Dr. Frank Lipman calls himself a ‘Health Evangelist, a Voice for Sustainable Wellness.’ He recently shared some of his top tips for natural immunity boosters to help us through the flu season. While no one has all the answers, there is much to learn about NATURAL ways that we can help ourselves, without resorting to […]

Most Americans severely short of essential nutrients

U.S. adults in general  do not meet the levels of vital nutrients need for optimal health, according to a new study. This is nothing new to natural health advocates, but it is encouraging to know that this admission is finally coming from the mainstream. University of Illinois researchers analyzed self-reported food and supplement consumption from 11,811 adults, […]

Is preparedness the ultimate form of optimism?

What is preparedness? It’s many things to many folks, but down at the most basic level, it’s a matter of having food, water, vitamins and cash on hand for say, a two-week power outage, a flood or extreme weather condition of any sort. We’re having plenty of them these days, and we are an extremely dependent […]

Are chemicals making some women less interested in sex?

Our lives are full of chemicals we never thought about–from PVC flooring to shower curtains, food, and car dashboards. But now studies have indicated that those modern chemicals may be interfering with our love lives. Although many previous studies have linked pthalate chemicals (a hormone disruptor) in our environment and food to diabetes, asthma, various brain disorders […]

Amazing food facts you may not know

* Do you enjoy teas, herbal and otherwise?  You may want to check out drinks containing hibiscus flowers, a tea regularly consumed in many countries. Now recent studies have revealed that it is the drink containing the highest amount of disease-fighting antioxidants. The study was published in the Food Science and Technology Journal. Another study published […]

Scientist issues blistering report on flu vaccine

Peter Doshi, a Johns Hopkins scientist, has published a blistering report on flu vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), saying that although flu shots are pushed on the public in unprecedented numbers, they are far less effective and cause more side effects than the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claims. Furthermore, Doshi stated, the […]