New Year resolution–trash the Standard American Diet

According to Psychology Today, most Americans will not keep the New Year resolutions they make. That’s because we make too many, too ambitious and non-specific resolutions. For example, ‘in 2015 I’m going to lose weight.’ Instead, it is better to set a goal of 10 pounds to lose within 90 days. There are simple ways you can make […]

News on yogurt, olive oil and urban farming

HOW FOOD GIANTS TURNED YOGURT INTO JUNK FOOD. The Cornucopia Institute accuses Dannon, Yoplait, Chobani and other major marketers, of misleading parents into purchasing yogurts loaded with sugar and a myriad of artificial colors, emulsifiers and sweeteners. Cornucopia found that organic yogurt has far more advantageous ratios of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids and higher […]

Autism and the ‘pesticide factory’ inside our guts

Stephanie Senoff, PhD, has spent the last three decades researching biology and technology and their relationship to ever increasing numbers of ‘lifestyle afflictions.’ These lifestyle afflictions include cancer, heart disease, autism and many others. “At today’s rate, she said, quoted in the Alliance for Natural Health, “by 2025 one in two children will be autistic.” […]

Do probiotics help mental as well as physical health?

Healthy microbes living in the gut (often called the ‘second brain’), are known to be greatly beneficial to digestion and overall physical health. But now a growing body of evidence suggests that a well functioning, healthy gut is a key element in mental health as well. According to researchers at Britain’s University of Oxford, supplements that boost […]

Big news–(modern) sugar is bad for us

In a media roundup of important health ‘news’ of 2014, science confirms that we have way too much sugar in our diet. This is particularly true when it comes to ‘added’ sugars, not announced but hidden away in everything from salad dressings, to all kinds of canned, packaged, frozen and processed foods, breakfast cereals, you name it. Since excessive […]

Basic health practices of a 113-year-old

Bernardo La Pallo, a Brazilian born 113-year-old Mesa, Arizona resident, attributes most of his longevity to a few practices he’s followed faithfully throughout his life. However, he readily admits that he had a few advantages. They included family longevity genes, a father who was a physician/herbalist, and growing up on a diet of natural and […]

Deciphering the latest misleading government food study

When it comes to government studies on food, supplements and health overall it is best to proceed cautiously. We don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater and say that ALL government studies are worthless, but we do want to question the validity of every study. Usually you can determine the validity by […]

Christmas foods in medieval times

First of all, we wish our readers and customers a warm and pleasant Christmas and New Year holiday season! We hope you will continue to read and learn, along with us, about the rewards of natural health fundamentals that have been with us all along, many of which we are just rediscovering in mondern times. Now […]

Ever wonder where the weight goes when you lose pounds?

Most of us will gain at least a little weight over the holiday season. We expect it. Holidays are associated with good food—more and different than we eat in our normal lives. More indulgent. But probably in the back of our minds we vow that we’ll take it off after the first of the year. We have […]

Molybdenum–a trace element essential for health

Molybdenum is just one of many trace elements essential for optimal health. Its presence is needed for several enzymes vital for plant and animal metabolism, as it functions as an electron carrier in the particular enzymes that catalyse the reduction of nitrogen and nitrate. In humans it is needed for at least three enzymes: (1) […]