Constipation Nation

Constipation is one of the most common medical disorders in modern societies, according to Mayo Clinic. It affects all ages, but is particularly troubling to older folks. Age is not a direct consequence of constipation, but it is closely associated. Most older people take medications that affect nerve condition and smooth muscle function, and lack […]

Why vitamin B12 is so important

Vitamin B12 is the largest and most structurally complex of all known vitamins. The body does not make this vital nutrient, so it must be obtained through diet or supplementation. It is found mostly in foods of animal origin such as meat, fish and eggs, but some forms of B12 are not immediately bioavailable and […]

Nail polish may be lowering your child’s IQ

Phthlates found in many nail polishes and other cosmetics could be lowering the IQs of babies ‘in utero’ and in small children. This is according to a study by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. The scientists conducted a study on 328 pregnant Dominican and Afro-American women, measuring the chemicals in their urine and blood, then seven […]

Football injuries can–and do–linger for a lifetime

The dangers of playing football at the college and professional levels are well established, with research showing that at least a third of NFL players develop some sort of cognitive disorder. But an alarming new study has found that the brains of high school players also undergo significant changes over the course of a single […]

Your body’s electricity

Most of us probably never think of ourselves as ‘electric.’ But we are. Trace minerals are electricity for the body. Each of our body’s cells acts as a tiny battery with its own electrical force powered by electrolyte minerals. Some of you may be tired of reading about minerals, but hopefully our last few posts […]

Some random thoughts about the history of Christmas in America

Today we’re diverging from natural health-related subjects and, considering the season,  talking about Christmas. When did we start celebrating December 25 as Christ’s birthday? And why—as biblical scholars are well aware that we don’t know the date of Christ’s birth and indeed it was highly likely it was a warmer season of the year? The fact is, […]

Old revelations about today’s physical degeneration

The book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price, DDS, is a monumental work that is the result of decades of travels by Mr. and Mrs Price to study healthy primitive people in remote villages, windswept islands, barren ranges and other out-of-the way places in 14 countries. His mission was to find out why the indigenous people […]

GLUTEN-FREE alternative grains

It’s time to try out alternative grains if you haven’t already. Many in the western world suffer from celiac disease, or at least gluten intolerance. That’s because wheat has been manipulated to such an extent that its gluten content is far beyond what the body is meant to process. It is hard to accept that […]

Weakness and lack of mobility may result from vitamin D deficiency

As we reminded readers in a recent post–it’s winter in much of the world and special care should be taken to get your vitamin D, or ‘sunshine vitamin.’ Modern science has come to realize that this essential vitamin plays more roles in our health than even the medical field knew just a few years ago. Older […]

World’s 2nd smartest person and his brain-boosting pill regimen

American Rick Rosner, age 54, has an IQ of 192 and is listed in the World Genius Directory as the 2nd smartest person on the globe—(although some sources list him as fourth). However, we can all agree that an IQ of 192 is pretty awesome, considering the average IQ is 100. What’s interesting about Rosner is the […]