Causes and controls of bipolar disorder

Approximately 5.7 million American adults suffer from some degree of bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness. This affliction can be severe and life-changing, with drastic changes from mental lows to mental highs. Aside from the gene factor, which has been known to science for years, there are multiple other factors that have more recently been […]

The cancer patient who outlived his doctors

Stamitis Moraitis, a Greek war veteran who arrived in the U.S. in 1943 to receive treatment for his mangled arm, after which he became a citizen, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 1976. Not willing to accept one opinion, he consulted a total of nine doctors, all of whom urged him to immediately pursue aggressive cancer […]

Do ancient texts warn about the unnatural era of GMOs?

Barbara Peterson ( makes a plausible case that the perverting of natural plants in the form of the genetically modified seeds and food so common today could  be prophesied in the Bible and other ancient texts. Even if you’re not a Bible reader or believer, verses 10 and 11 in Isaiah 17, King James Version, […]

Just how vitamin/mineral-deficient are we?

Just how vitamin/mineral-deficient are many Americans—and others who have succumbed to the modern yummies appealing to us from a constant bombardment of signs and commercials? Very, according to a recent article in Mother Earth News, which calls us “overweight and undernourished.” Increasing evidence is piling up that longterm consumption of the fats, sugars and fluffy white foods […]

Healthy world diets vs. The Standard American Diet

A previous post reported on the latest available findings on the health status of various countries and regions. We noted how some areas have much lower rates than the U.S. of obesity and diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer. Though the diets are different, common factors stood out—those more healthy countries served much smaller […]

Health news briefs: Get updated in less than 5 minutes

* Food without antibiotics—As reported by Reuters, six of the largest U.S. school districts are switching to antibiotic-free chicken. Local sourcing, environmental sustainability and healthy kids’ meals keep gaining steam as the top trends on restaurant menus in 2015, according to the National Restaurant Assocciation’s annual ‘What’s Hot’ culinary forecast. * Celiac disease—Researchers at Columbia […]

To vaccinate… or not to vaccinate

To vaccinate—or not to vaccinate, that is the question. The pro and con forces continue to grow, in both number and heat, and the debate doesn’t look like ending anytime soon. The recent measles outbreaks, fueled by media voices suggesting they may have been caused by those who refused vaccination, has resulted in near-hysteria by some pro […]

Anticholinergic drugs linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s reports that some of the most common treatments for depression, hay fever, bladder control and insomnia may cause an increased risk of developing dementia. Researchers at the University of Washington tracked 3,434 seniors for eight years, carefully monitoring their use of drugs such as the sleep remedy Nytol and the antihistamines Benadryl and Piriton, […]

Which are the world’s healthiest countries….and why?

Which are the world’s healthiest countries? Well, don’t include the U.S. among them. We are too fat, too inactive, eat too much junk and processed GMO food, and take too many dangerous prescription medicines to qualify for membership in countries who walk more, celebrate meals prepared lovingly from whole foods, and use prescriptions only as […]

Big Box store brand supplements fail DNA test

A New York state investigation of store brand supplements that included Target, Walgreen’s, GNC and Walmart revealed that only 21 percent of test results verified that the DNA from plants listed on the labels were actually what were in the supplements. Walmart brands had the worst results, with only 4 percent of the herbs listed […]