U.S. food additives banned in other countries

There are numerous unhealthy ingredients allowed in the U.S. food supply today that many other countries have been wise enough to prohibit. Here are some of them: FARM-RAISED SALMON Farm-raised salmon are fed an unnatural diet of mostly GMO grains, in addition to regular additions of antibiotics and various chemical drugs not safe for humans. Farm-raised salmon […]

Depression and the gut-brain axis

About one in 10 Americans suffer from depression. In fact, in 2010 (the latest year data is available), antidepressants were the second-most commonly prescribed medication in the U.S. But clinical psychologist George Slavich, who has spent many years studying depression, concludes that there are more fundamental causes of depression than brain imbalance brought on by […]

Comfrey: An “Old Woman’s Remedy?”

For hundreds of years, comfrey, a weed/herb native to Europe, was often referred to as an “Old Woman’s Remedy,” not derogatory in any sense, but because women in ancient times were regarded as the wise ‘priestess of medicine’, as they were the primary ‘scientists’ familiar with nature’s medicine chest. Dr. H.E. Kirschner noted in the […]

The sad history of our patented seed culture

This post is an updated version of a much earlier one, which we believe it is time to revive. In a January, 2011 issue of AcresUSA article entitled Seeds of Sustainability, Bill McDorman and Stephen Thomas tell how America’s third president, seed-saving Thomas Jefferson, set the stage for the principles of agricultural diversity and regional adaptability […]

Football player drops $37 mil contract to become a farmer

St. Louis Rams center Jason Brown gave up a $37 million contract to launch a dream of growing real food for North Carolina locals. Brown, who grew up in an urban setting and knew nothing about farming, secured a former dairy farm of over 1,000 acres and got busy preparing his operation centered around crops like cucumbers and […]