Sheepdog sisters spread cheer in a troubled world

Sheepdog sisters Sophie and Sarah are real sisters (and real dogs). Unlike many human sisters, sibling rivalry is not a part of their lives and they are inseparable. As models who spend much of their time posing for unforgettable photographs, they are so busy they don’t even have time to worry about bad hair days. The mission […]

New study demonstrates immune benefits of high-dose vitamin C

Higher-dose vitamin C supplementation could help maintain immune functions in aging people. So says new research conducted on mice in Japan. Japanese researchers supplemented the diet of vitamin C-deficient mice with either the recommended 20 mg of vitamin C per day OR a high dose of 200 mg per day. After one year the researchers […]

Acid or alkaline? Do you know how important your body’s pH is?

A big concern of scientists and natural health experts in the 21st century who understand the importance of body and soil pH, is with inferior modern food, or ‘The Standard American Diet’ (SAD diet). The SAD diet is overloaded with acidic foods that overwhelm the body’s delicate systems and, combined with mineral-deficient soil, contribute to or cause the many lifestyle […]

Some Gerber’s baby food full of GMO pesticide ingredients

Well, Gerber’s was once a respected baby food. But not so much in this age where Gerber’s formulas and baby foods are filled with profitable (for food companies) genetically modified corn and soy derivatives, dependent on built-in poisonous pesticides to ward off superweeds. The following comment from  the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), says it all: […]

Vitamin E deficiency slashes body’s ability to maintain the brain

Scientists from Oregon State University in Corvallis have demonstrated that vitamin E helps maintain levels of DHA (a component of cell membrane) in the brain. The scientists report that zebrafish fed a diet without vitamin E for nine months had about 30% less of certain types of DHA. “This research showed that vitamin E is […]

Bees: nature’s miracle producers

Although we wrote about honey in January, in light of the steady dying off of the world’s bees and bee hives we need to be reminded and remind others that bees are an important and historic foundation of the very life on this earth. There are many medicinal and nutritional miracles in nature, but bees and honey have to […]

Is ADHD an invention, or is it real?

Radio host/ philosopher Joe Rogan recently conducted an interesting interview with psychological expert Andrew Hill, PhD, about the growing ‘problem’ of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. Is ADHD real, or simply an inventive diagnosis requiring a drug to subdue and induce conformity in bored, active or artistic children? ‘Attention deficit’ implies there is something wrong with […]

Why am I not losing weight!?

You exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, but can’t seem to lose those pounds you want to shed. Here are some of the reasons: * Portions—It is well known that almost all people eat more than they realize, according to Holly Herrington, a dietician and clinical nutritionist for the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Northwestern Medical Faculty […]

Fast foods in hospitals a very bad example

A physicians group, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, recently conducted a survey of about 200 U.S. hospitals and found that several dozen of them had contracts with on-premise fast food outlets. Texas and Florida led the states in number of hospital fast food enterprises. At Georgia Regents Medical Center/Childrens Hospital, fast food meals may […]

Big-Pharma mind-altering drug use: where and why?

Every day, about 19 percent of Americans take one or more mind-altering drugs, according to a new poll from Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. But some states have more users than others. W.Virginia tops the American list with 3 of 10 people taking drugs that sound much more innocent than Oxycontin or Oxycodone, but are mind/mood-altering just the same. […]