Glyphosate killing pollinators, and accumulating in people

The widely-used herbicide glyphosate, now classified as “probably carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organization, has been found in a number of items, including honey, breast milk infant formula and human blood and urine samples, according to media reports. “When chemical agriculture blankets millions of acres of genetically engineered corn and soybean fields with hundreds of millions […]

Threat to banana crop teaches a lesson on lack of crop diversity

Sixty years ago a banana-killing fungus decimated plantations across Latin America. Today a new strain threatens to wipe out world production once again. It may turn out to be concern over nothing. Free markets have proven to be quite resilient in the face of crop scares that frequently make headline news. In recent years the […]

The huge divide between advanced medical technology and the food we eat

“The future is here,” announces the journal Nature. “Genomic testing could totally transform medicine.” Business Insider reports that we know more about how the body works and how we live and die than any time in history. “We have mapped the human genome, the blueprint largely responsible for who we are.” Physicians trained in genetic […]

Coffee-drinkers have less arterial disease

Americans love their coffee. They drink more coffee than they do soft drinks—61 percent to 41 percent. For years we were told by some religions and some health ‘experts’ that it was bad for our health. But maybe coffee lovers should not feel guilty. Turns out it has more health benefits than we thought. Researchers […]