The negative effects of TV on brain functioning

Most of us have experienced the ‘relaxing’ effects of television. It is a time to forget about the daily trials and challenges and transport ourselves away from the boring or demanding realities of our personal lives into a more exciting or interesting fantasy life. There’s a good reason why TV is an ‘addiction’  and/or babysitter for […]

Aloe Vera, superstar plant since ancient times

Aloe Vera is big business these days. It is a commodity now worth $13 billion a year—for both inside and outside the body. It is used in cosmetics, toiletries, lotions, Kleenex, toilet paper and in powdered form added as a health-boosting supplement to food such as yogurt. In raw, refrigerated form it is available in […]

Nutrition-rich foods for the over 50s

As the years accumulate, many changes take place in our bodies, reducing our capabilities and immunity and affecting our overall strength and health. People over 50, more than ever, need to focus on eating the most nutritious diet available to us if we want to remain (age-appropriate) strength and vitality. An antioxidant-rich diet does much […]

The amazing history of rice

The common rice (Oryza sativa), is not only one of the oldest, but also the most extensively cultivated of all grain cereals. It is the staple food for about half the world’s population. It is the central food for the Far East, where, fish, fowl, meat, vegetables and condiments are considered only garnishes for the […]

Gut flora deficiency in autistic children

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) frequently occurs in conjunction with a variety of other health disorders. Low stomach acid is one of the most common issues, causing not only discomfort, but many nutritional issues as well. Research indicates that low stomach acid is found in the majority of children with autism. According to Autism Speaks, these […]

Standard American Diet (SAD) changing DNA

Our modern processed diets are leading to  poor immune function and increasing the risk of inflammatory conditions, paving the way for multiple current health conditions. These conditions include allergies, obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and auto-immune diseases. So says researchers at Yale University and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. The urgent new […]

People who read for pleasure have more self-esteem, less depression, better sleep

Recent UK research has shown that reading for pleasure has benefits that go way beyond increasing the knowledge base of children and adults. The research demonstrated that reading helps people enjoy social occasions more; boosts the emotional understanding of children; and provided escapism that was associated with relaxation. The report, conducted by BOP Consulting and […]

Are we sanitizing our way to Alzheimer’s and other diseases?

In modern societies’ efforts to make our surroundings germ-free we may be blocking most of the ‘good’ bacteria from our lives, say researchers at Cambridge University. With paved roads, clean drinking water, sterilized surfaces, little contact with soil and animals and easy (too easy) access to numerous antibiotics, we have come a long way from most of […]

Old American Indian remedies still good today

It is unknown just how ancient peoples, including American Indians, determined the medicinal properties of the plants that surrounded them. But what has been learned is that these early Americans followed principles similar to the Yin and Yang of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Modern science has verified the medicinal properties of many of these ancient remedies. For example, […]

Herbs to help reduce blood pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure afflicts many people today, and is responsible for increased risk of kidney disease, heart attacks, vision problems, heart failure, stroke and other health risks. Frequent exercise and movement (don’t sit for long periods), and a diet that includes more fruits and vegetables and less meat and dairy benefits all of us—and our […]