Two common nutrient deficiencies in the Standard American Diet

According to some studies there are two important nutrient deficiencies that afflict about 80 percent of westerners and others who have become addicted to the Standard American Diet. They are vitamin D and magnesium. The best vitamin D, of course, is from the sun, which makes it in the body. Sunscreen use over the last decades has […]

Iodine deficiency and modern thyroid disorders

Since 1975, incidences of thyroid cancer per capita in the U.S. have tripled. Various other thyroid disorders have quadrupled. Worldwide, thyroid cancers and disorders affect 1.6 BILLION people. That is because of iodine deficiency, particularly prevalent in some parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia and Australia, where natural iodine is missing from the soil. Once upon a time […]

Important brain nutrients found in animal products

The human brain is the most complex object in the universe. It consumes by far the most energy compared to weight than any other part of the body. It comprises only 2 percent of the body’s weight, yet uses 20 percent of our energy. And, unknown to many vegans and vegetarians who don’t take appropriate […]

Itty-bitty creatures that sustain life

Most of you will be as surprised as I was to learn about some unlikely creatures that perform such incredible feats that without their combined efforts we humans would not be able to survive—nor would the rest of life on earth. Let’s begin with the termite. Bet you thought those pesky critters were only good for eating […]

Magnesium shown to be important in prevention of pancreatic cancer

A long-term study of 66,806 men and women has found that magnesium is an important nutrient in the prevention of pancreatic cancer. The participants were aged 50–76 years at the beginning of the Vitamins And Lifestyle Study (VITAL) which commenced in 2000. Participants were followed from 2000 to 2008. During an average of 6.8-year follow-up, 151 […]

The world’s most complex technology—the body

We’re geared and addicted and glued to our technological gadgets today. We wonder how we ever got along without them—even though we did for thousands of years when the greatest writing, music, creativity, practical inventiveness and the challenge for survival evolved. But no technology is, or ever will be, equal to the task of completely understanding the complexity […]

Glutathione: the mighty antioxidant you may not know about

Glutathione slows aging, supports immune function, detoxifies the liver and cells, improves mental clarity, increases energy, reduces the effects of stress, alleviates muscle and joint discomfort and improves sleep quality. But what is this miracle substance that Joe Martino, writing in ( refers to as “the mother of all antioxidants,” and how do we get […]