Iron and your body

Iron and your body have a very close and important relationship. And if you don’t have enough of that essential mineral you may get winded easily, feel tired all the time—and just downright lack energy. Iron deficiency is just one of the nutritional deficits we are suffering because of depleted soil and depleted processed food. Scientists have […]

Some alternatives to feeding the Big Pharma pill monster

We in modern life are feeding a Big Pharma pill monster, and an out of control prescription drug problem. A new study from the U.S. Department of health and Human Services (HHS) reports that Americans spent $457 billion on prescription drugs in 2015, up $100 billion since 2009, according to Business Insider. It has been a very successful few years for Big […]

Health issues in the mainstream media

Health issues in the mainstream media have for years been predominately focused on this or that miraculous pharmaceutical drug or procedure to prevent or ‘cure’ the increasing numbers of ills that affect us today. Natural prevention and even cures have been rarely mentioned—and even demagogued as “quackery.” But now there seems to be a slight change in the […]

When tomatoes were considered poison

Once upon a time not so long ago, when tomatoes were considered poison, they were grown as decorative plants, but the bright red fruits were NEVER used as  food by ‘modern’ nations such as Europe and North Americans. However, the tomato (tomatl), native to South America, was cultivated by the Incas, Aztecs, Mayas and their predecessors since time […]

Modern Americans’ shortened life expectancy

Americans now have a shortened life expectancy than that of other people living in First World countries, according to a new study by the National Center for Health Statistics. Americans have a 2.2 year shorter average lifespan than people in UK, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Australia, Canada and Austria. Once […]

Common nutrient deficiencies in the western diet

Today it is possible to be deficient in almost every nutrient vital to good health, particularly if your lifestyle is mostly sedentary and indoors and your diet consists primarily of packaged and processed foods. Dr. Lawrence Wilson wrote that the Big Ag model of production and processing, which is the source of most of our food supply, is […]

Seven health-supporting uses for your leftover coffee grounds

While the debate rages on whether coffee is good for you (thanks to its high antioxidant properties) or bad for you (due to its caffeine and acid components) here’s a tip for you: after brewing, the coffee grounds have a number of utilitarian purposes that can benefit your overall health. This list is brought to […]

Allergy-fighting foods

In many parts of the world it’s the beginning of allergy season, with its accompanying congestion, runny noses, watery eyes and sneezes. Countless people dash off to the pharmacy to purchase synthetic antihistamines, when actually a well-balanced diet would prevent or limit the miserable symptoms. Here are some of the most potent allergy-fighting foods: Foods rich […]

Vitally important missing issues among U.S. presidential candidates

Maybe the public hasn’t noticed, but there are vitally important missing issues among U.S. presidential candidates in their endless debates about war, more war and scandals about each other. The issues that should be discussed include: The Pacific Ocean, which is now nearly a dead zone with built-up garbage, and especially Fukushima spewing radiation into the air, […]