Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) is more important than you think

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6), is more important than you think. It’s very difficult for  most of us to comprehend how vital each natural nutrient is to our health. All the B vitamins are essential for converting food to energy and helping the body metabolize fats and proteins. They are necessary for healthy hair, skin, liver and eyes. […]

Depression vulnerability linked to genetic ancestry

The largest study of this type ever done has found that depression vulnerability is linked to genetic ancestry. While researchers have identified genes linked with many debilitating diseases, the biological underpinnings of depression have remained elusive—until recently. A large-scale study that tapped into crowd-sourced data discovered a trove of 17 different genetic variations linked to depression in […]

Earl Mindell’s ‘hot hundred foods’

Earl Mindell’s  ‘hot hundred foods’ are listed in a chapter of his 1994 book, Food as Medicine. I have owned this book since it was published and have referred to it many times over the years. As nutritional fads come and go, Mindell’s (R. Ph., Ph.D) hot hundred foods mostly remain the same or even […]

Adrenal fatigue: The 21st century stress syndrome

Adrenal fatigue: The 21st century stress syndrome, is the title of the book by Dr. James L. Wilson, ND.,D.C., PhD. Mayo Clinic’s definition of adrenal fatigue is that it is a “collection of nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, body aches, low blood pressure, chronic stress, nervousness, sleep disturbances, weight loss or gain, and digestive problems.” The […]

Brains of obese people age faster?

A recent study in Great Britain indicates that the brains of obese people age faster than those of their lean counterparts. Research conducted by a team of University of Cambridge scientists found that beginning in middle age, the brains of obese people display differences in white matter similar to lean individuals 10 years older. White matter […]

Good medicine can be found in inexpensive foods

Many people in this modern world never think about the fact that there is good medicine in inexpensive foods. Western populations have been convinced by the industrial medical complex that only doctors and Big Pharma can prevent or cure disease and disorders. The medical establishment definitely has its place, but it is badly overused and […]

Needed: Tests for nutritional deficiencies prior to drugging

What is needed today for people with anxiety and depression problems, say many natural health practitioners, is tests for nutritional deficiencies. If only physicians, psychiatrists and other medical professionals would test for nutritional deficiencies before automatically prescribing Zoloft, Seroquel, Prozac, etc., the natural human body could be a lot happier. Tests for nutritional deficiencies would […]

Bullet point health briefs

Joseph Pulitzer once advised in part, “put it to them briefly so they will read it…” Bullet point health news highlights information important to our health, awareness and welfare. Briefly. Here are a few examples: Copper essential for burning fat—Is copper deficiency contributing to the obesity epidemic? How does it work? University of California, Berkeley, researchers […]

Ancient health practices—Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ancient health practices from thousands of years ago are being increasingly incorporated into today’s conventional medical establishments. The Department of Complementary-Alternative Medicine at Medical University of South Carolina, reports that according to a 2013 study of 3,200 western physicians, more than 50 percent planned to begin or increase use of alternative (natural) medicines. The survey was […]