City life and Alzheimer’s disease

How are city life and Alzheimer’s disease connected? According to The Week, quoting a recent study, breathing air polluted by traffic fumes may be harmful not only to your heart and lungs, but also to your brain. A 15-year study conducted by the University of Umea in Sweden, in conjunction with other study groups such […]

Ginkgo Biloba is the oldest tree on earth

Ginkgo Biloba today is known for the many medicinal benefits of its leaves and nuts. But not many people know that the Ginkgo Biloba is the oldest tree on earth. Scientists date the ginkgo biloba to 200 million years ago, existing side by side with the dinosaurs. “It is a living fossil,” says botanist Peter Crane, […]

Childhood cancer up 40 percent?

Is childhood cancer up 40 percent? Apparently it is in the UK, where an extensive recent study was conducted by the organization, Children With Cancer-UK. According to Alaedain Phillipe, science advisor at the organization, analysis reveals that childhood cancer is up 40 percent in the last 16 years. The most evident—and the most astonishing to researchers—was the […]

Human parasites and hosts on the land

In this world there are human parasites and hosts on the land that greatly affect the quality of our food. The host of agriculture will always be the land and the people who care for and depend on that land in accordance with nature’s laws and limitations. History is replete with examples of both human parasites and hosts […]

Brain benefit of EFA’s once again demonstrated by Swedish study on school children

Supplementing with essential fatty acids (EFA’s) may improve reading skills of mainstream schoolchildren, according to a new study from Sweden. Children with attention problems, in particular, may be helped in their reading with the addition of these fatty acids. The study was conducted at Sahlgrenska Academy, at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The study was […]

Fentanyl deaths surging across U.S.

Deadly fentanyl, the prescription opioid blamed for the accidental death of Prince, appears to be fueling a nationwide surge in overdose-related fatalities, reports. Fentanyl is described by thus: “a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic similar to morphine but 50 to 100 times more potent.” According to the government website, fentanyl is a “Schedule II […]

Calcium supplements/dementia?

Calcium supplements/dementia? Calcium supplements are used widely these days to ward off age-related bone loss. But a new study suggests that for some women they may also bring a significantly higher risk for dementia. Researchers in Sweden tested the memory and thinking skills of 700 older women and tracked their use of calcium supplements. Women with […]

What is so great about parsley?

What is so great about parsley? I was thinking about that this morning as I admired it popping up all over the garden like a weed. Many people consider it an afterthought, a garnish pushed aside after you eat your real meal. But the fact is, what is so great about parsley is that it […]

The bookworm addiction

The bookworm addiction, or bibliophilia, may be one addiction that is good for your overall health and well-being. A new study suggests that people who read books regularly may add two years to their lives. Researchers at Yale University examined the reading habits of 3,635 people over 50 and found that the ones who buried their […]

Pesticides and our bodies

Pesticides and our bodies are closely related. One billion pounds of pesticides annually are sprayed on U.S. crops alone, many, if not most of them containing some form of glyphosate. They are absorbed through your skin and make their way to organs, cells, urine, blood and even breast milk, causing numerous health problems Ninety percent of […]