Ancient war on natural medicine

The ancient war on natural medicine is in full flower today. Many of us understand that it is natural for Big Pharma and its allies in  government to oppose natural healing methods that cut into massive profits and power over lives and health. But few realize this war began long ago, at least as far […]

Introduction to Enzymes

Enzymes Support Healthy Digestion and Cellular Healing “A person’s lifespan is directly related to the exhaustion of enzyme potential.” —Dr. Edward Howell So what are enzymes? Probably not a subject included in the conversation of most people. Yet enzymes are in all living things and there is no life without them. Without enzymes, no seeds […]

Vaccine industry and U.S. agencies

Is there collusion between the vaccine industry and U.S. agencies, such as the CDC and the FDA? Consumer health care researcher Catherine Frompovich thinks so, and so do a growing number of other thinkers, and families of autism patients. Frompovich and the Autism Action Network are calling for pressure on Congress and the presidential candidates […]

Thiamine (vitamin B1), “the morale vitamin”

Thiamine (vitamin B1), the “morale vitamin,” got its nickname because of its positive impact on our nerves. It is also referred to as the “anti-stress vitamin,” as it helps the body withstand the stress we are all subjected to at different times of our lives. So, how does thiamine (vitamin B1), the “morale vitamin,” work […]

Bullet point health news – quick summaries just for you

Bullet Point Health News includes quick summaries of intriguing news that catches our eye. For further information, we encourage you to do your own research. THE SEXIEST TURTLE IN THE WORLD A libidinous 100-year-old giant tortoise named Diego has almost single-handedly saved his species from extinction, says The Week. In the 1960s there were only 2 […]

The zinc link to human health

Like all essential vitamins and minerals the zinc link to human health is more important than most of us realize. Zinc is a crucial mineral with over 300 enzymes reliant on it to help with various functions. This long list includes: healing wounds, promoting healthy growth in children, helping cells reproduce, synthesizing proteins and boosting immunity. […]

The sugar fraud: How the industry ambushed the negative research

The sugar fraud is the latest scientific deception the mainstream has decided to publicize. According to a study published recently in The New England Journal of Medicine, the sugar industry for decades has paid off researchers to downplay the health effects of sweets. Instead, the study reveals the goal was to pin the blame for […]

Groovy garlic: Preparation tips to best preserve its high nutrient content

Groovy garlic has been used since since early antiquity as an antiseptic protection against the plague, infections and every other disease known to man and beast. Greeks and Romans used it to maintain health and give strength to their warriors. While it was shunned in western nations for many years as it was associated with the “lower […]

Introduction to probiotics

Beneficial Bacteria Support Your Inner Eco-system If you happen to be one of those people who think bacteria are all evils to avoided, think again. If you don’t know any better, it’s easy to think of  bacteria in a negative light. However, our bodies are—or should be—loaded with up to 1,000 species of beneficial bacteria. That equates […]