People are more bacteria than human – recognizing this is important to your health

According to a consortium of scientists studying the human microbiome, people are more bacteria than human. The massive Human Microbiome Project, launched in 2007 by the National Institutes of Health, is an effort to sequence the genes of all the microbes living in and on the human body. The human genome is made up of […]

The fascinating origins of Christmas customs

The fascinating origins of Christmas customs may be an unusual topic for a natural health site, but a departure from the usual once in awhile is good for the soul—and for our health. NATIVITY SCENES The nativity scene as part of our Christmas observance is a mainstay for millions of Christians. You may be surprised […]

Help avoid depression this holiday season by staying off Facebook, new study asserts

Research has long established that depression rates are at their highest during the Christmas season. Experts postulate a number of reason for this: holiday stress, lack of sleep, excessive intake of junk food, and dreary winter weather to name a few. Now a new study by the University of Copenhagen suggests that use of Facebook […]

What is acidophilus? You secret weapon to maximize your gut health

The name acidophilus is derived from the Greek term, “for life.” So what is acidophilus? Basically, acidophilus is one of the strains of probiotics, friendly bacteria that begin colonizing in the body hours or days after birth, depending on the mother’s diet. These beneficial bacteria are courtesy of the natural function of the miraculous human […]

BULLET POINT HEALTH BRIEFS: The ‘cat study’ and more

THE CAT STUDY AND OUR HEALTH What does a ‘cat study’ have to do with our health? Apparently a lot. Francis Pottenger’s class cat study, or the modern recap in the book Pottenger’s Prophecy, shows what the Standard American Diet has done to us in three generations. In his study using cats, after three generations […]

Molybdenum, an essential mineral for biological functions

Many, if not most, people have never heard of the essential mineral molybdenum, let alone considered its key role in a lot of our body’s functions. So although we have written about molybdenum before, its importance in those biological functions is worth mentioning again. Molybdenum helps protect existing cells and creates new healthy cells. It […]

Trump and the clean food movement: Will biotech grow while natural health suffers?

President-elect Donald Trump and the clean food movement show signs of a disconnect that bodes ill for those of us committed to natural health and diet. Biotech stocks soared on the news that the President-elect had appointed Mike Pompeo (R-Kans) as head of his administration’s CIA. Because… Two years ago Pompeo introduced the misnamed ‘Safe and […]

Is supplementary magnesium necessary? Dismal statistics say yes

Is supplementary magnesium necessary? How can that be when we’ve been told that we can get more than enough magnesium from our diet? One hundred years ago when we had rich, fertile soil, ate simple whole foods and had no processed foods, that was true. But things have changed since then. The magnesium content in common […]

Crony capitalism at the EPA?

Is there crony capitalism at the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)? The Alliance for Natural Health suggests that the agency charged with protecting our health may be heavily influenced by industry lobbyists. Some months ago, the EPA released a draft report on the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate, the active ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide. A meeting […]

Probiotics lower blood pressure, according to multiple-study research

Probiotics provided via yogurt and supplements appear to lower blood pressure, according to research from Australia that included a review of nine earlier studies. The blood pressure-lowering effect from probiotics was greatest among people with elevated blood pressure, and was demonstrated only after use for at least eight weeks. As with all such studies, researchers […]