$25 Billion Reasons Why

According to Sayer Ji, in an article on activistpost.com, approximately 1 in 4 Americans over the age of 45 are taking a statin drug to lower their level of LDL cholesterol, supposedly a primary villain in the onset of heart disease. In conventional medicine, LDL cholesterol is blamed for ‘causing’ plaque buildup in the arteries, ultimately leading to obstruction of blood flow. But Ji says, reporting on research published in the Journal of Clinical Cardiology in December, 2009, “Blaming LDL cholesterol for causing heart disease is like blaming the scab for the injury that caused it to form.” Numerous studies have revealed that statins have been shown to have at least 300 side effects that can be deadly. So why do most doctors prescribe them?

Easy. Statin drugs are a $25 billion annual industry.

Underlying damage to the lining of the artery is caused by stress, chemical exposures and the horrendous eating habits of many modern people, particularly Americans. Like most conventional pharmaceutical medicine that treats symptoms rather than underlying problems and preventive practices, statins do indeed suppress the plaque buildup.

The price you pay, however, is damage to muscles and nerves demonstrated by 180 studies chronicled in the Journal of Clinical Cardiology article.

While the bottom line for the drug companies is mucho moola, the bottom line for unwary patients is a weakened heart muscle.

I once took a statin for a few days. Since I experience nausea, shaking and light-headedness, I told the doctor I wasn’t going to take it anymore. His response?

“Okay. Just eat lots of garlic.”

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