7 Summer drinks to keep you cool and slim

Compared to the rampant obesity in Western countries, the Chinese are known for being slim. But what most people don’t know is that China, for the most part, also suffers some pretty brutal summers.

With these two issues in mind, you can expect some time-proven drink ideas that the Chinese incorporate into their lives to help on both fronts. Obviously, drinking soda pop is not one of them.

One of the most basic is simple water “enhancement.” Sure, we do that here in the U.S. with a slice of lemon, but how often do you see some other kind of fruit—or how ’bout a slice of cucumber?—in a plain glass of water?

Drinking a large amount of water is necessary to keep a slim figure. Water can maintain body fluid in balance, making you feel full and reducing food intake. But the taste buds always want something adventurous and new. Whenever you get bored with the plain water, just add some fresh herbs and fruits like slices of cucumber and lemons to make the flavor stand out.

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