AMA attempts to shore up medical monopoly

HealthFreedom“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of (people) in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

–Frederic Bastiat

The American Medical Association is NOT the voice of the medical profession. Its membership now represents only 17 percent of U.S. MDs, many of which are free and given to medical students.

But—it is still the 5th most powerful special interest on Capitol Hill, spending almost $20 million on lobbying in 2014. It makes recommendations that shape national policy, influences Medicare prices and rakes in around $220 million annually in government grants.

Apparently the AMA is getting worried about the many physicians who have had curative successes in alternative and integrative natural treatments outside the ‘authorized’ regime of drugs, tests, surgeries, chemo and vaccines .

The AMA/Big Pharma/Fed Gov’s almost total monopoly over the U.S. medical system is being threatened and it is roaring into battle against the “quacks’ in order to “actively defend the profession.”

Those integrative medical rebels have been upsetting the order and control of the established (and lucrative) system, and many of them across the country have faced harassment and threats from state agencies under the control of federal agencies, such as the FDA. But few people know about those minor irritations.

But a few integrative physicians, particularly Dr. Mehmet Oz, of The Dr. Oz Show with millions of viewers, are getting an attentive voice on the national and world stage. They are telling about natural treatments that could, not always, bypass the immensely profitable current system.

So the powerful AMA is pondering recommendations to instruct physicians to not use words like ‘probiotics,’ ‘superfoods,’ ‘antioxidant foods,’ and ‘supplements,’ and not recommend them. They also want to prohibit medical folks from  speaking to the media—unless it’s ‘authorized, according to the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH).

AMA’ recommendations’ have frequently become federal laws, dictating what we can or cannot do for our own health.

We need to keep in mind a few things, states the natural health alliance. The only way medical care advances and becomes more scientific is by challenging orthodoxy. The ‘authorized’ doctors of the day killed George Washington by repeatedly bleeding him. Doctors who first told physicians they should wash their hands were scorned and harassed.

The doctor who first found bacteria involvement in stomach ulcers was constantly vilified until he was finally exonerated and honored. There are countless other examples.

History shows that medical advancements are long and hard won, as critics, researchers and innovators have always been gagged as long as possible ‘because they upset the existing order.’

There’s nothing new under the sun, to quote Ecclesiastes.

As a final reminder, U.S. medical system errors and drugs are the largest single cause of death in the country; yet, to be fair, it has helped and saved some of us and our loved ones.

If we are truly ‘advanced,’ and more concerned about health than profits, the AMA and our health agencies would welcome innovation and science that improves public health and well-being rather than bowing to those whose primary interest is profits.

“First, do no harm.” Hippocrates





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