Most Americans severely short of essential nutrients

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U.S. adults in general  do not meet the levels of vital nutrients need for optimal health, according to a new study. This is nothing new to natural health advocates, but it is encouraging to know that this admission is finally coming from the mainstream.

University of Illinois researchers analyzed self-reported food and supplement consumption from 11,811 adults, more than 4,200 of whom qualified as disabled, and found most of them severely lacking in at least 10 key nutrients.

The team utilized data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, which are conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Lead researcher Rupeng An, said, “We found American people consumed much lower amounts of nutrients than recommended. For example, only 11.3 percent met the recommended intake of fiber and only 4.7 percent got enough potassium. They also fall short of vitamins A, C, D and (the minerals) calcium and iron.

Keep in mind that ‘recommended’ nutrient levels are government-established recommendations and are notoriously lower than actual needs for good health in mind and body.

An said the disabled people had an even worse  outlook. “They are much more nutritionally disadvantaged than the others. They have physically, financially and mentally different barriers to accessing (and preparing) healthy foods,”An said. “Or they are on medications that kill their appetite and affect their taste.”

What the study did not say is that chemical (foreign) medications also block the body cells and countless other natural functions from absorbing all or part of the nutrients that we get from good food.

The study also did not include countless other vital nutrients that are missing in the Standard American Diet , processed out of the fast and prepared foods that so many people depend on. A few of the ‘missing minerals’ include such microminerals as iodine, selenium, copper, chromium and molybdenum that were once in the soil and no longer are–unless you consume mostly organic fruits and vegetables.

The best thing you can do for you and your family is to study natural health. What Americans are eating today–from soft drinks to cereals and TV dinners–do not feed your body the way it should be fed. And somewhere down the line you and your family are going to pay the bill.




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