Another scandal hits the CDC

One of the major themes of this blog is that only you can control your own health. And this point has been brought home once again as one of the supposed “protectors” of our health—the Centers For Disease Control—has been hit with another scandal regarding fraudulant information.

The latest scandal appears to be the deliberate cover-up of damning scientific data regarding the dangers of thimerosal-containing vaccines.

Thimerosal, a controversial mercury compound used as a preservative in certain vaccines, was removed from all vaccines in Denmark in 1992. A subsequent Danish study showed a marked decline in autism rates following the removal of thimerosal, indicating a clear link between mercury in vaccines and the development of autism.

Documents obtained by the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD) through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suggest that officials at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were fully aware of the Danish data, yet published an article about the study in the journal Pediatrics which excluded this information, manipulated the data to misrepresent the decline as an increase, and propagated the erroneous conclusion that thimerosal in vaccines does not cause autism.

Read more about this scandal at Alliance For Natural Health.

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