Anti-vaccine Tweets heard around the world

The California Senate recently approved the dictatorial Senate Bill 277 (SB277), making vaccinations MANDATORY, despite the outraged protests of doctor, nurse, activist and political groups, who maintain that vaccine safety is not proven.

Indeed some vaccine ‘experiments’ have resulted in permanent harm and death.


But as journalist Jefferey Jaxen said, the “megaviral moment” came from the Twitter account of actor Jim Carrey, who has 14.8 million followers.

Carrey’s Tweets heard around the world blasted California Governor Jerry Brown, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Big Pharma companies and their well-known toxic vaccine ingredients, such as mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde.

Carrey pointed to the fact that hundreds of millions of dollars have been awarded to victims in vaccine courts and, that although some vaccines may do good in some cases, but that harm that has been done is irrefutable.

Therefore vaccines have NOT been proven safe beyond any doubt.

Carrey said that such medical experimentation can be compared to what  the Germans were castigated and imprisoned for.

And then there is the issue of medical CONSENT, as enshrined in the Nuremberg Codes, the American Medical Association Code of Ethics, and countless other laws, treaties and agreements on medical consent.

And then, of course, there’s that most ancient admonition from Hippocrates: “First do no harm.”

California senators and your Big Pharma associates, can you guarantee that no vaccine will do harm to anyone, and back it up with solid studies? If not, it is up to individuals to make the choice for themselves and their children.

This is not Nuremberg. Yet.

The mainstream media, heavily dependent on Big Pharma commercials, and politicians dependent on contributions have gone on their usual attacks with no factual teeth, demagoguing the man, spinning the story and muddying the waters, with thousands of bought and paid for writers and speakers churning out arguments in favor of mandatory vaccine and other  police-state-type health requirements.

Jaxen writes: “….the public has awakened to a frontal attack on their children, on the future of their medical consent and on the natural health of humanity.”

Source: Jefferey Jaxen,

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