Banish mouth and body toxins with oil pulling

Oil pulling is a fundamental part of ancient Ayurvedic medicine that is being increasingly recognized today as a simple and natural practice for maintaining and improving oral health, particularly those who have had problems with gingivitis and bleeding gums.

It works like this:  Put  a tablespoon of oil in your mouth. The many modern pratitioners of the oil pulling regime each have their favorite type of oil to use, but most seem to prefer either sesame or coconut oil. Swish the oil around teeth, tongue and gums for about 15 minutes. As the oil mixes with saliva inside your mouth you will begin to notice a difference in the texture of the mix. This is because the oil is pulling toxins such as harmful bacteria, fungus, mucus and even pus from  between your teeth and from your tongue and gums. Try not to swallow any of the mix, and spit it in the toilet after a maximum of 20 minutes so that toxins don’t begin re-absorbing in your mouth.

Oil pulling is good any time of the day or several times a day, but the most beneficial time is immediately upon arising in the morning before eating or drinking anything–yes, even before that first cup of coffee! You will notice that by the end of that early morning oil pull the saliva/oil mix in your mouth has usually become thick, viscous and almost white.

Yuck! That’s a lot of toxins accumulating during the night. Spit them out and brush your teeth. Not only will your mouth feel great (no halitosis), but you’ll probably feel better all over.

Ayurvedic believed that oil pulling upon arising was a way to balance the entire body for the day as it purged the lymph nodes and glands of  night ‘poisons,’ and that the removal of these poisons from the mouth provided a healthy environment for what we know today to be beneficial microflora. They also considered oil pulling helpful in preventing or relieving headache, arthritic and menstrual pain, as well as relieving sinus congestion, insomnia and many other conditions.

Try it, you might become a believer. You have nothing to lose but a bunch of bad bacteria.