Big Pharma—the good, the bad and the very, very ugly

Every19MinutesWe live in a chemical world. Most of us realize that by now.

Medical advances have saved our lives and sometimes given us longer to live.

But as has happened down through history, human beings have had a tendency to overreach for one reason or another.

In our age, the overreach has encompassed soil, oceans, air, food and medicine.

We now live in the medical age of Big Pharma. Big Pharma and their chemical treatments are the supposed answer—especially ‘quick-fix’— to all our ills for far too many of us.

Unfortunately, they can kill us, too.

And now there is a website documenting Big Pharma deaths. It is called Big Pharma’s Death Clock, at

In the last 15 years, since January 1, 2000, here are the documented deaths from the U.S. new age of chemical solutions:

* Chemotherapy deaths—16,043,519

*Latrogenic (doctor-caused) deaths—12,577,093

*Hospital error deaths—7,059,149

*Adverse drug reaction deaths—1,700,613

*Medical error deaths—1,572,265

*Psychiatric drugs (including suicides) deaths in western countries—8,021,766

*SSRs  deaths—641,741

*NSAIDs deaths—264,718

*Opioids (pain reliever) deaths—260,466

The above list does not include vaccines. Catherine Frompovich, a retired nutritionist with advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, expects the next Big Pharma hurricane to revolve around vaccines.

Here are the numbers on vaccine problems/adverse reactions/autism she shares with us:

*Number of compensated awards—4,112

*Petitioner award amounts—$2,972,832,356

*Attorney fees/cost payments—$128,081,655

*Number of payments dismissed, to attorneys—4,965

*Attorney fees on dismissed cases—$66,.525,070

*Interim attorney fees/cost payments—$3,187,045,035

That is approximately $3.2 BILLION in the last 15 years spent on vaccine problems that we are constantly told will save us from this or that. Why should something ‘safe’ cost so much to promote and defend?

Big Pharma must be making a lot of money to spend so much protecting its profitable turf and government support. What began as miracle medical advances have become tragedy for many people.

It is time for individuals, families and communities to QUESTION MORE and TRUST LESS.

Pay attention to your eating habits, lifestyle and essential nutrients and remember that nature, not Big Pharma’s profitable chemical solution fads, always wins in the end.

All doctors take the Hippocratic oath, but the first Hippocratic oath, “First, do no harm,” has apparently been forgotten.

Catherine Frompovich’s latest book, Vaccination Voodoo, is available on Amazon.