Cannabis oil classified as Schedule I drug amidst outcry by natural health advocates

The Drug Enforcement Agency has struck again.

Even though tens of thousands of consumers across the country can testify to the safe and effective benefits of cannabis oil, the DEA has moved to classify it as a Schedule I narcotic.

Considering that cannabis oil is a non-hallucinogenic substance with hundreds of years of proven safety, it is mind-boggling move on the part of the DEA.

Or perhaps there is an explanation for the madness.

As one blogger on put it, “It is an act so defying logic and against the public interest, it all but proves the agency’s fealty to Big Pharma.”

For those not familiar with the drug rating system, Schedule I narcotics are “drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

In other words, this change in classification now places cannabis oil alongside heroin and cocaine.

A reasonable person may ask how cannabis oil can have a “high potential for abuse” when it contains no ability to make a person intoxicated or “high”; however, the DEA is not known for reasonableness. Today it is known more for politics, enforcement violence and its links to the pharmaceutical industry.

Unfortunately for the consumer, this political game means natural health options are disappearing while the use of pharmaceuticals is increasing.


Anyone skeptical of this assertion needs to pay better attention to current events.

The latest research by JAMA reports that one in six Americans now takes a psychiatric drug. At virtually the same time the DEA renders a safe, natural alternative—cannabis oil—illegal.

Considering some of the dozens of uses of cannabis oil include treatment of Crohn’s disease, childhood epilepsy, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, the drug companies can expect an increase in sales of their psychiatric drugs.

Perhaps at the end of 2017 our new milestone will be one-in-five Americans receiving a psychiatric drug.

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