Wonderful watermelon is another example of Hippocrates’ teaching of food as medicine

Many, many foods in their whole and natural state serve as medicine for a healthy body. Wonderful watermelon is another example of Hippocrates’ teaching of food as medicine. Wonderful watermelon, as its name indicates, is mostly water—92 percent. But that juicy fruit is soaked with nutrients such as vitamins A, B6 and C, as well […]

Alfalfa, the ancient health treasure

It’s humbling to acknowledge that alfalfa, the ancient health treasure, was recognized as such by civilizations thousands of years before we modern humans woke up to its value as a human nutrient—not just animal food. Dried alfalfa leaf has been found in Turkish and Iranian ruins dating back 6,000 years, and in Turkish medical writings 1300 BC. In […]

Nutrients to combat depression—naturally

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 40 million American adults over 18 suffer from depression and are prescribed drugs for the condition. This is an increase of 400 percent since 1998 (Journal of Clinical Psychology). But the journal report notes, “why are so many drugs being prescribed,” when at least two-thirds […]

Glutathione: the mighty antioxidant you may not know about

Glutathione slows aging, supports immune function, detoxifies the liver and cells, improves mental clarity, increases energy, reduces the effects of stress, alleviates muscle and joint discomfort and improves sleep quality. But what is this miracle substance that Joe Martino, writing in (www.collectiveevolution.com) refers to as “the mother of all antioxidants,” and how do we get […]

Potent medicinal foods

We don’t need a pill for every ailment. In fact many of us take too many pills. A lot of modern ailments are the result of nutrient deficiency, and chemicals in processed food and the environment that prevent proper absorption of the nutrients we do ingest. There are many nutrient-rich whole foods, each with their own value. Some may […]

Ancient remedies: Bone marrow

Every now and again we will feature ancient remedies whose health values are just being discovered by modern science. Today’s subject is bone marrow (meat butter), what is often called the ‘original primal brain food.’ In America, bone marrow is usually a by-product, but in many cultures it is a delicacy and important health food, including […]

GLUTEN-FREE alternative grains

It’s time to try out alternative grains if you haven’t already. Many in the western world suffer from celiac disease, or at least gluten intolerance. That’s because wheat has been manipulated to such an extent that its gluten content is far beyond what the body is meant to process. It is hard to accept that […]

The fewer the nutrients, the poorer the health

Once upon a time on his family farm in Missouri Dr. Joel Wallach, renowned veterinarian, speaker and author (Dead Doctors Don’t Lie), experienced a growing curiosity that eventually inspired him to embark on a lifelong mission of studying the relationship between nutrients and healthy bodies. It started like this: His family went to a great […]

Wonder why the war on raw milk?

Wars, wars and more wars. One would think the U.S. is involved in enough perpetual wars. The war on poverty, war on drugs, war on terrorism, war on tobacco, and on and on—none of which has proved beneficial to life on the earth, seas and air generally, and health particularly. But for years now, the […]

Why supplementary vitamins and minerals are necessary for health and vitality

Americans are overweight and suffering from a multitude of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and on and on…because of mineral deficiencies!  That is the conclusion of Dr. Joel Wallach, who first started thinking about it more than half a century ago and has amply confirmed his conclusion with intensive research, articles and decades […]