Big Pharma meds that affect the brain

100,000 people a year die from Big Pharma drugs, and 1.5 million experience adverse side effects that send them to the hospital. And those are only the documented (admitted) cases. Adverse (Pharma) drug reactions are now the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. All drugs carry various side effects, but the focus of this article is […]

Insect plague decimating Philippine coconut production

At a time when growing demand is outstripping production, the world’s primary source of coconuts and coconut oil is battling to save its trees from a rampaging plague of insects that claimed 400,000 trees in the last week alone, spurring Philippine President Aquino to declare a state of emergency. The 340 million Philippine coconut trees in 2012 were […]

Remembering health freedom this Memorial Day

As we celebrate Memorial Day today it is worth taking note that one of the most basic freedoms that our war dead fought and died for has been under attack for the past 120 years, and still remains so. And that freedom is the right to practice “health” in the way we see fit. Swiss […]

Reagan era Treasury official discusses social costs of GMO world

Paul Craig Roberts is a former assistant secretary in the U.S. Treasury, a former editor of  the Wall Street Journal  and is the author of several books and numerous columns on economics, justice and foreign policy. Now he addresses the common (and faulty) economic presumption that low-cost production, based on a genetically modified, chemical foundation, is good for all […]

Mum’s the word about stuff pumped into your meat

It’s a tough job to provide meat for the Standard American Diet, but somebody’s gotta do it, and Big Ag is ever vigilant in finding the most efficient chemicals to use in presenting attractive, hopefully pathogen-free meat. It’s a never-ending job, not to mention a vicious cycle, as we all know by now that pathogens are becoming increasingly […]

Natural antibiotics in your kitchen

Even the mainstream news has carried many stories about the health problems the longterm overuse of modern antibiotics has landed us in. In recent years the conventional medical establishment has learned how important probiotics, or ‘good’ bacteria are for effective digestion. As most of us know by now, chemical antibiotics kill the good bacteria, along with […]

Antibiotics may harm pregnant woman’s baby

A report in the UK’s Daily Mail warned that studies have confirmed that pregnant women who take antibiotics could be tampering with their babies’ immune systems. As most of us know by now, antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria, thus warding off an immediate health threat, but leaving the body’s immune system […]

Poop to the rescue

Researchers are in the process of developing new medications based on human feces. But not just any old feces will do; it must be a particular type of poop. It’s like this: According to a Time report on new health discoveries, Clostridium difficile infections are among the most difficult and frequent bacterial bugs to treat in hospitals, affecting about half a […]

Garlic to the rescue…..again

Garlic has been proven, in a brand new study, to kill brain cancer cells with none of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, according to Cancer cells have a high metabolism and require much energy for rapid growth. Researchers have now found that garlic compounds produce reactive oxygen species in malignant (only) cells, literally gorging […]

FDA takes baby step to phase out animal antibiotics

Antibiotics are routinely dumped in the food and water of U.S. food animals, not to treat ailing livestock, but for them to gain weight more rapidly and/or to put on pounds with less feeding. In fact, 80 percent of all antibiotics used in the U.S. are given to food animals. The World Health Organization, the United […]