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U.S.— The EPA has raised the alarm over some GMO crops that are breeding swarms of pesticide-resistant bugs (corn specifically) which now is infected with a root worm stronger and more numerous than ever before. Alarmed, the EPA now wants to prevent problems the government created in the first place. Between 1995 and 2012 the […]

Are chemicals making some women less interested in sex?

Our lives are full of chemicals we never thought about–from PVC flooring to shower curtains, food, and car dashboards. But now studies have indicated that those modern chemicals may be interfering with our love lives. Although many previous studies have linked pthalate chemicals (a hormone disruptor) in our environment and food to diabetes, asthma, various brain disorders […]

Health and healthcare in U.S. no longer ‘exceptional’

The U.S. has long considered itself the ‘exceptional’ country in every way, including its advanced healthcare. But changes crept in along the ‘progressive’ road. Something is wrong with U.S. healthcare, lamented Erin Brodwin, writing in Business Insider. We spend more than any developed nation, yet a smaller percentage of our citizens is covered. One-fifth of our Gross Domestic […]

Exposure to bacteria early in life lowers likelihood of asthma

New research published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology appears to support earlier research that has demonstrated infants exposed to bacteria early in life develop stronger immune systems. In the new research babies exposed to a diverse range of bacterial species in house dust during the first year of life were less likely to develop […]

Study says oil from canola, corn and soybeans are damaging to lungs

A large new study draws a more definitive line in the battle between health experts who differ on whether plant-based oils are are beneficial or harmful. When it comes to lung health, it boils down to which plant-based oil you’re using: Canola, corn and soybean oils are tied to to the rising incidence of lung inflammation […]