Put on your thinking cap and consider these quotations about life, health and our planet

Put on your thinking caps and consider these quotations about life, health and our planet. While the following quotations comprise a different format than is usual here, they are appropriate to our mission of presenting important health issues for your consideration. *There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.—Mohandas Gandhi *What is the […]

Kids need supplemental vitamin D in their formative years

Twenty years ago many naturopaths and nutritionists were advocating huge increases in vitamin D for infants and youth—a group generally thought by the mainstream medical community to not need it. The reason these alternative-health experts were recommending increases was because vitamin D had so clearly been linked to solving numerous health conditions. The reward for […]

Newest evidence on the aluminum/Alzheimer’s link confirms earlier research

The newest evidence on the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s only confirms what has been suspected for decades—that aluminum accumulation in the brain can have a devastating effect. However, there has been no consensus in the scientific community (and probably still won’t be) about the role of aluminum buildup on brain function. The recent research […]

Cannabis oil classified as Schedule I drug amidst outcry by natural health advocates

The Drug Enforcement Agency has struck again. Even though tens of thousands of consumers across the country can testify to the safe and effective benefits of cannabis oil, the DEA has moved to classify it as a Schedule I narcotic. Considering that cannabis oil is a non-hallucinogenic substance with hundreds of years of proven safety, […]

BULLET POINT HEALTH BRIEFS: The ‘cat study’ and more

THE CAT STUDY AND OUR HEALTH What does a ‘cat study’ have to do with our health? Apparently a lot. Francis Pottenger’s class cat study, or the modern recap in the book Pottenger’s Prophecy, shows what the Standard American Diet has done to us in three generations. In his study using cats, after three generations […]

Vaccine industry and U.S. agencies

Is there collusion between the vaccine industry and U.S. agencies, such as the CDC and the FDA? Consumer health care researcher Catherine Frompovich thinks so, and so do a growing number of other thinkers, and families of autism patients. Frompovich and the Autism Action Network are calling for pressure on Congress and the presidential candidates […]

CDC forced to admit thimerosal vaccine/autism link

After more than a dozen years and a hundred Freedom of Records Act (FOIA) requests, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been forced to admit the thimerosal vaccine/autism link. Long suppressed documents which were part of a study conducted two decades ago have finally been made available. And they definitely show a thimerosal vaccine/autism link. Thimerosal is a 50 […]

Nutritional supplements lower extreme aggression in children according to multi-country research

In today’s “medication for everything” culture, a child who shows signs of extreme aggression is typically prescribed a powerful stimulant like Ritalin or Adderall during his/her first visit to the doctor. In fact, in the U.S., nearly 20 percent of all boys will be diagnosed with a behavioral problem by the time they reach high school—and […]

Big Pharma—the good, the bad and the very, very ugly

We live in a chemical world. Most of us realize that by now. Medical advances have saved our lives and sometimes given us longer to live. But as has happened down through history, human beings have had a tendency to overreach for one reason or another. In our age, the overreach has encompassed soil, oceans, […]

Common ingredients in vaccines

Flu season is here and the usual force is in full cry urging everyone to get their vaccinations. Vaccinations have become ubiquitous in the U.S., for everyone from newborns to the oldest seniors. It is one of the most controversial medical decisions of all time. Yet ‘ positive’ results are anything but clear, and it is […]