Plant medicine: 28,000 medicinal plants have now been identified by modern scientists

Plant medicine: 28,000 medicinal plants have now been identified by modern scientists. New analysis from 128,000 scientists representing twelve countries has been made public by Kew Gardens at Britain’s Royal Botanical Gardens in London. Actually, since early times plants have provided the medicinal remedies of the human race. The whole structure of modern pharmacopeia is […]

Prescription drugs can help us and kill us: a few things we should know

Prescription drugs can help us and kill us. We should be aware that opioid makers and supplier have spent $880 million in the past decade lobbying state and federal legislators to block new regulations in their addictive painkillers and make the drugs more easily available. That’s eight times as much as gunmakers spent on lobbying […]

Pussyfooting around the true causes of modern lifestyle diseases

Pussyfooting around the true causes of modern lifestyle diseases is getting more and more difficult for mainstream media to ignore. For instance, in Charleston, West Virginia the opioid epidemic has caused so many deaths that the state’s burial fund for needy families is nearly depleted. The state’s Department of Human Services has conducted 1,508 burials […]

The predicted life expectancy in the U.S. is the lowest among developed nations. Why?

According to a recently released high profile study conducted jointly by Imperial College London and the World Health Organization (WHO), the current and predicted life expectancy in the U.S. is the lowest among developed nations. Why? Researchers looked at lifespans in 35 industrialized countries and found that American lifespans appear to be slowly lowering, as lifespans […]

Bad gut bacteria does more harm than you think

Illness and psychological disorders may result from bad gut bacteria. Your gastrointestinal or ‘GI’ tract is your body’s engine. In fact it’s sometimes referred to as the ‘second brain.’ It’s about a thirty-foot engine that begins with your mouth and ends with your anus. The body’s cells extract nutrients from food for energy, oxygen and […]

Cannabis oil classified as Schedule I drug amidst outcry by natural health advocates

The Drug Enforcement Agency has struck again. Even though tens of thousands of consumers across the country can testify to the safe and effective benefits of cannabis oil, the DEA has moved to classify it as a Schedule I narcotic. Considering that cannabis oil is a non-hallucinogenic substance with hundreds of years of proven safety, […]

Crony capitalism at the EPA?

Is there crony capitalism at the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)? The Alliance for Natural Health suggests that the agency charged with protecting our health may be heavily influenced by industry lobbyists. Some months ago, the EPA released a draft report on the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate, the active ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide. A meeting […]

Manufactured food addiction

Do you suffer from manufactured food addiction? According to the UK’s Lancet medical journal’s Global Burden of  Disease Report, poor diets now contribute to more disease and death than lack of physical exercise, smoking and alcohol combined. It may surprise you, but manufactured food addiction can now be listed right alongside (or behind) alcohol addiction and tobacco […]

Ancient war on natural medicine

The ancient war on natural medicine is in full flower today. Many of us understand that it is natural for Big Pharma and its allies in  government to oppose natural healing methods that cut into massive profits and power over lives and health. But few realize this war began long ago, at least as far […]

Fentanyl deaths surging across U.S.

Deadly fentanyl, the prescription opioid blamed for the accidental death of Prince, appears to be fueling a nationwide surge in overdose-related fatalities, reports. Fentanyl is described by thus: “a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic similar to morphine but 50 to 100 times more potent.” According to the government website, fentanyl is a “Schedule II […]