Good medicine can be found in inexpensive foods

Many people in this modern world never think about the fact that there is good medicine in inexpensive foods. Western populations have been convinced by the industrial medical complex that only doctors and Big Pharma can prevent or cure disease and disorders. The medical establishment definitely has its place, but it is badly overused and […]

Bee-blight confronts EPA

The bee-blight came face-to-face with the Environmental Protection Agency recently when a truck loaded with nearly 3 million dead bees delivered the bodies to EPA headquarters. The purpose of this ‘special delivery’ was to provide a microscopic example of the massive declines of bee populations. Forty percent of U.S. beehives die annually—a $2 billion loss to each year’s economy. […]

Opioids may prolong pain?

Opioids like morphine, OxyContin and Vicodin are among the most commonly used—and abused—prescription painkillers in the U.S. However, a new study claims that these powerful drugs can actually intensify and extend physical suffering. In a study on opioids, Colorado neuroscientists simulated chronic nerve pain in rats by pinching the sciatic nerve in their legs. While one […]

‘Physics’ of ancient times

Many people do not realize that the medicines, or physics of ancient times are known today to be filled with valuable nutrients for the body, as well as natural flavorings that add a taste treat to countless dishes. Physics of ancient times are also a hallmark of quality whole food supplements, which respect that proven ancient nutritional […]

Seniors are overdosing on meds

There is increasing concern that seniors are overdosing on meds, often causing family members to mistake med side effect symptoms for the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, says Dr. Harry Haroutunian, as quoted in AlterNet. In a culture where taking multiple prescription drugs has become normalized for most senior citizens, non-dementia related symptoms such as dizziness, falling, strange […]

Some alternatives to feeding the Big Pharma pill monster

We in modern life are feeding a Big Pharma pill monster, and an out of control prescription drug problem. A new study from the U.S. Department of health and Human Services (HHS) reports that Americans spent $457 billion on prescription drugs in 2015, up $100 billion since 2009, according to Business Insider. It has been a very successful few years for Big […]

Health issues in the mainstream media

Health issues in the mainstream media have for years been predominately focused on this or that miraculous pharmaceutical drug or procedure to prevent or ‘cure’ the increasing numbers of ills that affect us today. Natural prevention and even cures have been rarely mentioned—and even demagogued as “quackery.” But now there seems to be a slight change in the […]

Modern Americans’ shortened life expectancy

Americans now have a shortened life expectancy than that of other people living in First World countries, according to a new study by the National Center for Health Statistics. Americans have a 2.2 year shorter average lifespan than people in UK, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Australia, Canada and Austria. Once […]

Big Pharma—the good, the bad and the very, very ugly

We live in a chemical world. Most of us realize that by now. Medical advances have saved our lives and sometimes given us longer to live. But as has happened down through history, human beings have had a tendency to overreach for one reason or another. In our age, the overreach has encompassed soil, oceans, […]

You may have a ‘mental disorder’ if you’re dedicated to healthy living

Look out, everyone! Especially if you and your family are committed to healthy non-GMO whole food and supplemental nutrients gone from our spoiled Big-Ag soil. You may have a “mental disorder” because you take vitamins and try to avoid fast and processed food. The new “mental disorder” is called orthorexia nervosa, which is referred to by the “experts” as […]