A prophetic look at food today from the 1970s

A prophetic look at food today from the 1970s comes from a book called Eating in America, a history by Waverly Root and Richard de Rochemont, published in 1976. The authors talk about the multinational holding corporations and holding companies which owned so many of our food processing supplying companies and were proud of their success. […]

Learning about the pioneers who brought us the food we enjoy

Learning about the pioneers who brought us the food we enjoy today is probably something we never thought of. After all, most modern populations are not known for their knowledge of history and geography. But food, like everything else had pioneers who paved the way for our comfort and safety, according to researchers of more than […]

The negative effects of TV on brain functioning

Most of us have experienced the ‘relaxing’ effects of television. It is a time to forget about the daily trials and challenges and transport ourselves away from the boring or demanding realities of our personal lives into a more exciting or interesting fantasy life. There’s a good reason why TV is an ‘addiction’  and/or babysitter for […]

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Most personalities fall into the categories of either extrovert or introvert. But studies have found that, in general, there is no 100 percent extrovert and no 100 percent introvert. Nevertheless, both personality types are boxed and labeled by many, causing considerable misunderstanding of the quality of person that is inside that extrovert or introvert. A 2013 […]

Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest

THM BOOK SUMMARY Virtually every region in the world has some kind of history of using foods and plants of the area for treatment of various medical issues. For certain none have the long history of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine; however, all areas have some kind of history—from Africa to Europe to […]

Book ‘Never Fear Cancer Again’ touts vitamin D

In Chapeter 10 of the book Never Fear Cancer Again, author Raymond Francis says this about Vitamin D: “Imagine if there were a magic potion that was: nontoxic, inexpensive, had no side effects, and worked to prevent aging, colds, depression , diabetes, flu, multiple sclerosis, obesity, and osteoporosis, and was proven to prevent four out […]