Global obesity sets record

Global obesity has reached a level never before seen on earth. Obesity now affects more human beings than hunger. New research reveals that as wealth and the Standard American Diet has spread throughout the world. Overeating (and unhealthy food) has reached epidemic proportions, putting millions of people at risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and many other […]

Research team determines level of vitamin D needed to prevent cancer

On February 29 we reported on new research that demonstrated vitamin D supplements lowered the risk of heart disease. Now researchers from the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine are reporting on how they analyzed the link between vitamin D and cancer to determine what blood level of vitamin D was required to […]

Know what you eat

Know what you eat. We live in an era of questionable food. Our daily nourishment once taken for granted as safe and nutritious now demands your attention and knowledge. Monsanto Glyphosate under fire—A farm worker and a horticultural assistant who both developed cancer after being exposed to Monsanto’s glyphosate weedkiller have filed lawsuits against the company. Glyphosate is […]

Magnesium shown to be important in prevention of pancreatic cancer

A long-term study of 66,806 men and women has found that magnesium is an important nutrient in the prevention of pancreatic cancer. The participants were aged 50–76 years at the beginning of the Vitamins And Lifestyle Study (VITAL) which commenced in 2000. Participants were followed from 2000 to 2008. During an average of 6.8-year follow-up, 151 […]

Mixture of ‘safe’ chemicals may trigger cancer

A new study concluded that at least one in 5 cancers may be caused by exposure to ‘safe’ everyday chemicals in the environment that have nothing to do with genetics and/or food and other personal lifestyle choices. The study, undertaken by a taskforce of 174 scientists from 28 countries originated under the auspices of the […]

Potent medicinal foods

We don’t need a pill for every ailment. In fact many of us take too many pills. A lot of modern ailments are the result of nutrient deficiency, and chemicals in processed food and the environment that prevent proper absorption of the nutrients we do ingest. There are many nutrient-rich whole foods, each with their own value. Some may […]

Ancient remedies: Bone marrow

Every now and again we will feature ancient remedies whose health values are just being discovered by modern science. Today’s subject is bone marrow (meat butter), what is often called the ‘original primal brain food.’ In America, bone marrow is usually a by-product, but in many cultures it is a delicacy and important health food, including […]

‘Functional foods’ that combat cancer cell growth

Believe it or not, we all have potential cancer cells in our body. The difference between those that grow and those that don’t greatly depends upon what we put in our bodies to prohibit cancer cell growth. We have many specific enzymes, proteins and coding within the immune system that may be activated to kill […]

Do you know what PRE-biotics are?

Most of us now know the importance of PRO-biotics and the beneficial bacteria that strengthen our immune system and ward off numerous foreign invaders that cause bad health and disease. But the partnership role of PRE-biotics is less well known. Prebiotics are naturally found in food and help prepare the body for the work of probiotics. Basically, prebiotics are non-digestible […]

Glyphosate killing pollinators, and accumulating in people

The widely-used herbicide glyphosate, now classified as “probably carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organization, has been found in a number of items, including honey, breast milk infant formula and human blood and urine samples, according to media reports. “When chemical agriculture blankets millions of acres of genetically engineered corn and soybean fields with hundreds of millions […]