Prescription drugs can help us and kill us: a few things we should know

Prescription drugs can help us and kill us. We should be aware that opioid makers and supplier have spent $880 million in the past decade lobbying state and federal legislators to block new regulations in their addictive painkillers and make the drugs more easily available. That’s eight times as much as gunmakers spent on lobbying […]

Vaccine industry and U.S. agencies

Is there collusion between the vaccine industry and U.S. agencies, such as the CDC and the FDA? Consumer health care researcher Catherine Frompovich thinks so, and so do a growing number of other thinkers, and families of autism patients. Frompovich and the Autism Action Network are calling for pressure on Congress and the presidential candidates […]

CDC forced to admit thimerosal vaccine/autism link

After more than a dozen years and a hundred Freedom of Records Act (FOIA) requests, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been forced to admit the thimerosal vaccine/autism link. Long suppressed documents which were part of a study conducted two decades ago have finally been made available. And they definitely show a thimerosal vaccine/autism link. Thimerosal is a 50 […]

How safe are nutritional supplements?

2014 and 2015 appear to be record years for attacks against nutritional supplements. Currently 14 state attorneys general, a handful of congressmen, and a lobby of pharmacuetical companies are all calling for heavier regulations due to the “danger” of supplements. Of course the mainstream media—heavily funded by pharmaceutical advertising—is always quick to repeat any negative […]

Weakness and lack of mobility may result from vitamin D deficiency

As we reminded readers in a recent post–it’s winter in much of the world and special care should be taken to get your vitamin D, or ‘sunshine vitamin.’ Modern science has come to realize that this essential vitamin plays more roles in our health than even the medical field knew just a few years ago. Older […]

Scientist issues blistering report on flu vaccine

Peter Doshi, a Johns Hopkins scientist, has published a blistering report on flu vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), saying that although flu shots are pushed on the public in unprecedented numbers, they are far less effective and cause more side effects than the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claims. Furthermore, Doshi stated, the […]

Surprise! Hispanics outlive whites

According to (surprising for most of us) CDC data, Hispanics, whether they are immigrants or born in the U.S., have an average life expectancy two years longer (79 vs 81.4) than we paleskins, and seven years longer than U.S. Blacks (75.3 vs 81.4). Well, what’s a few years when you’re old!? Still, it’s interesting. George Washington University told CNN […]

CDC whistleblower comes clean on autism/vaccine connection

William Thompson, a senior Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientist  has publicly revealed that his own agency covered up the autism/vaccine connection over at least the past decade. Thompson admitted that he himself participated in the cover-up, and has now released a statement through his attorney’s office and is working with Congress on […]

Standard American Diet-calorie-rich, nutrient-depleted

“We still do not know one 1/1000th of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.”-Albert Einstein. Dr. Thierry Vrain, for 30 years a soil biologist and genetic scientist for Agriculture Canada, sheds light on how genetically engineered food works insidiously to weaken your body over time. All engineered foods come from crops sprayed with Roundup, he […]

Scary growth of autism continues

A recent CNN online article reported on the latest available dismal figures on cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder from the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC conducted a comprehensive evaluation of health and educational records of 5,300 8-year-olds in 11 states–Alabama, Wisconsin, Colorado, Missouri, Georgia, Arkansas, Arizona, Maryland, North Carolina, Utah and New Jersey. The rates of […]