Three to four cups of coffee a day linked to longer life

New research reported in the British Medical Journal is likely to cause debate among health practitioners–as research on coffee always does. According to the BMJ, “Drinking coffee is “more likely to benefit health than to harm it.” In this study, researchers gathered evidence from more than 200 earlier studies. The researchers found that drinking three […]

Testosterone is the man’s hormone: what it is and why it’s important

Testosterone is the man’s hormone: what it is and why is it important: Testosterone is produced by cholesterol and is a precursor hormone that relies on fat to form. It is an androgen produced in the bodies of males, and has many functions besides its well-known sexual and reproduction tasks. Testosterone supports healthy bone density, oxygen-carrying […]

Seven health-supporting uses for your leftover coffee grounds

While the debate rages on whether coffee is good for you (thanks to its high antioxidant properties) or bad for you (due to its caffeine and acid components) here’s a tip for you: after brewing, the coffee grounds have a number of utilitarian purposes that can benefit your overall health. This list is brought to […]

Coffee-drinkers have less arterial disease

Americans love their coffee. They drink more coffee than they do soft drinks—61 percent to 41 percent. For years we were told by some religions and some health ‘experts’ that it was bad for our health. But maybe coffee lovers should not feel guilty. Turns out it has more health benefits than we thought. Researchers […]

U.S. now importing non-GMO corn, soy, to meet demand

Monsanto, with the cooperation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), has now taken over the abundant (90 percent) of corn and soy crops grown in the U.S. This was no mean achievement. It required patents, threats and expensive lawsuits. It seemed the war to control two of the world’s biggest export commodity crops was won. But […]

New study indicates coffee lowers risk of malignant melanoma

Coffee has long been known to lower the risk of non-malignant melanoma, but a new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute indicates that it likely inhibits the risk of non-malignant skin problems developing into malignant cancers. Malignant melanoma is the 5th most common cancer in the United States and a leading […]

World’s 2nd smartest person and his brain-boosting pill regimen

American Rick Rosner, age 54, has an IQ of 192 and is listed in the World Genius Directory as the 2nd smartest person on the globe—(although some sources list him as fourth). However, we can all agree that an IQ of 192 is pretty awesome, considering the average IQ is 100. What’s interesting about Rosner is the […]

What long-life health tips can we learn from America’s oldest veteran?

Richard Arvine Overton is America’s oldest WWII veteran. At 108 he remains quite active. He spends his days running errands for a local church, working with horses and doing yard work. So, what health tips can we learn from someone who has lived to the ripe old age of 108? We likely just hit on the […]

Amazing food facts you may not know

* Do you enjoy teas, herbal and otherwise?  You may want to check out drinks containing hibiscus flowers, a tea regularly consumed in many countries. Now recent studies have revealed that it is the drink containing the highest amount of disease-fighting antioxidants. The study was published in the Food Science and Technology Journal. Another study published […]

AFFORDABLE superfoods loaded with antioxidants

A diet high in antioxidants does more for your health than you ever dreamed. Anti-inflammatory antioxidants not only ward off cancer and heart disease, but they fight the free radicals responsible for arthritis and other joint diseases, as well as diseases of the lung, such as emphysema and bronchitis. Following are a few antioxidant-rich, affordable superfoods […]