Vitamin C deficiency linked to pneumonia in three separate trials

In a review published in Nutrients, Dr. Harri Hemila of the University of Helsinki reported that three different controlled trials had found that vitamin C significantly protected against pneumonia. The review, published in March 2017, asserted that vitamin C supplementation reduced the risk by up to 80 percent. And the good news didn’t stop there: […]

Vitamin D supplements more likely to prevent respiratory infections than flu vaccine

The research on vitamin D providing bone health benefits is consistently conclusive. The research on using vitamin D to prevent respiratory infections has been more mixed. So, to get a more definitive answer, a team of researchers at Queen Mary University of London decided to take a look at pooled data from 25 separate trials. […]

Common ingredients in vaccines

Flu season is here and the usual force is in full cry urging everyone to get their vaccinations. Vaccinations have become ubiquitous in the U.S., for everyone from newborns to the oldest seniors. It is one of the most controversial medical decisions of all time. Yet ‘ positive’ results are anything but clear, and it is […]

Foods and nutrients to help sustain health during the holiday season

We all tend to over-indulge during the winter holiday season and gatherings with friends and family. Here are just a few tips about foods and nutrients you may want to double up on to help preserve health during the rush of Christmas and New Year get-togethers. Coconut oil contains a rich supply of lauric acid, which attacks viruses, […]

Immunity boosters for flu season

Dr. Frank Lipman calls himself a ‘Health Evangelist, a Voice for Sustainable Wellness.’ He recently shared some of his top tips for natural immunity boosters to help us through the flu season. While no one has all the answers, there is much to learn about NATURAL ways that we can help ourselves, without resorting to […]

Scientist issues blistering report on flu vaccine

Peter Doshi, a Johns Hopkins scientist, has published a blistering report on flu vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), saying that although flu shots are pushed on the public in unprecedented numbers, they are far less effective and cause more side effects than the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claims. Furthermore, Doshi stated, the […]

Zinc, a cold-fighting, underappreciated micronutrient

Zinc is just one of many microminerals often missing or inadequate in modern diets. Researchers in 2012 identified for the first time a mechanism by which zinc deficiency can develop with age, leading to a decline of the immune system and increased inflammation associated with many health problems, including cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease and diabetes. […]

Flu risk cut by ‘vigorous exercise’ according to UK study

With all the research proving a long list of side effects associated with flu shots, perhaps you’d like to do something to provide flu protection without sacrificing your body’s health in other areas. Consider vigorous exercise. A new survey from the United Kingdom documents the fact that doing at least two and a half hours […]

Fight winter colds and flu naturally

Winter is on its way again and many people will be facing the unwelcome visits of colds and flu. Just remember that normal colds and flu are caused by a virus and rushing off to the doctor for antibiotics WILL NOT do you a bit of good. Viruses are passed from one person to another […]

Onions–a dynamite health booster

Forget the tears and eat those onions daily for a truck load of health benefits. Here are just a few of the protective nutrients they contain: * tremendous source of fructo-oligosaccharides, which stimulate the growth of ‘good’ bacteria and suppress the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria * contain numerous sulfides which lower blood lipids and blood pressure, […]