Probiotics: Eight facts you should know

Probiotic consumption has increased dramatically during the past ten years—both by supplementing and by consuming specialty foods. Despite the growing popularity, though, a recent survey by nutrition company Healthspan found that there is still a great deal of confusion about them. If you’re a novice when it comes to probiotics—or even if you’ve been taking […]

Even healthy people benefit from multi-strain probiotics, according to study

A daily dose of multi-strain probiotics could help improve intestinal health even in healthy people, according to new research conducted in the Netherlands. Dutch and Swiss researchers investigated the effects of multispecies probiotic formulation on gut health and quality of life in a group of 40 healthy. By way of full disclosure, it should be […]

Alfalfa, the ancient health treasure

It’s humbling to acknowledge that alfalfa, the ancient health treasure, was recognized as such by civilizations thousands of years before we modern humans woke up to its value as a human nutrient—not just animal food. Dried alfalfa leaf has been found in Turkish and Iranian ruins dating back 6,000 years, and in Turkish medical writings 1300 BC. In […]

Your ‘nutritional gap’ may include manganese deficiency

Nutritional gaps are rampant in the modern diet, which usually includes far too much processed food. The current phenomenon of populations that are overfed and undernourished has been the subject of numerous articles. Just one of the many deficiencies that affect most of us may be manganese, a trace mineral present in the body in tiny amounts, […]

New research demonstrates role of probiotics in allergy reversal

For over 100 years natural health advocates have used probiotic supplements for the successful reversing of many allergies. We covered one century-old example here. During most of this period the majority of traditional (allopathic) medical doctors have either been ignorant to the success or simply refuse to believe the claims. Fortunately these views have changed […]

Castor oil used as laxative 2500 years ago

People may be a little embarrassed to admit it, but the fact is a great proportion of the modern population is preoccupied with bowel movements. This is particularly true of older folks, judging by the number of over-the-counter and prescription laxatives consumed in America and other western countries each year. But concern about bowel activity […]

Love those beneficial belly bugs!

Great advances have been made in understanding the important role of gut bacteria, probiotics and prebiotics in human health and disease prevention. A team of North American and European researchers have made several presentations discussing the current scientific evidence accumulated in this area between 2000 and 2010. The organizations involved were the American Gastroenterological Association, International Scientific […]

Gut flora deficiency in autistic children

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) frequently occurs in conjunction with a variety of other health disorders. Low stomach acid is one of the most common issues, causing not only discomfort, but many nutritional issues as well. Research indicates that low stomach acid is found in the majority of children with autism. According to Autism Speaks, these […]

Old American Indian remedies still good today

It is unknown just how ancient peoples, including American Indians, determined the medicinal properties of the plants that surrounded them. But what has been learned is that these early Americans followed principles similar to the Yin and Yang of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Modern science has verified the medicinal properties of many of these ancient remedies. For example, […]

Your organs and the Chinese Body Clock

Most of us have little knowledge or interest in what’s going on inside our bodies—unless we have pain or other problems. But Traditional Chinese Medicine may have had some ideas long in the past. Modern natural health advocates have just discovered—and tried—the information on the Chinese Body Clock, explaining the body’s organs (Qi), and a […]